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are there any English-speaking parents out there with children in this school? would be interested in meeting.

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We may be moving to Quinson in the Gorde du Verdon area in September. As it is quite remote, I'm wondering if anyone knows of the nearest playgroups or any children's activities or if there are any mothers there with young children (mine are 3 1/2 and 1 1/2) who would like to meet up and the children can speak English? Any advice is welcome! Thanks

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Hi, I wondered if anyone could help regarding schooling for my daughter. We are at present living in Cagnes Sur Mer and my 8 eight year old daughter is at a bilingual school nearby. We are moving to the other side of Nice so it will be too far to travel. She has been at the school since last September but has now a good knowledge of French Does anyone know the reputation of the local village school at St Jean Cap Ferrat or any other reputable bilingual schools in that area. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks T J

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Hello,We are considering getting an au pair. Can any of you with experience in that subject give us some tips, advices and tell us where/how to look for a reliable one?Thanks a lotPetra

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A friend of mine has asked me if I know of a retirement home that caters for English expats. I have heard of such places, but cannot find the contact name or number. They have one of their parents resident, but she is nearly 90 years of age, and getting less able to cope. She does not speak French, and would need an environment which can provide some English language. Can anyone provide me with a reference?

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I'm looking for a clip-on seat for my baby. I had one for my other child when she was a baby, but I've not seen them here. It's just a simple seat, which fixes easily onto the edge of the table. I'm probably not describing it very well, but does anyone know what I'm talking about? Or where I might find one? With such limited space, something like that would be ideal for me, as opposed to a high-chair. Thanks!-Kim

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I want to take my two kids, aged 3 and 5, to the snow to have some fun. We haven't been before and don't want to go skiing just yet. But they'd love to run around and play and do some sledging or other fun things. Oh, and we'd like to have a nice lunch! Can anyone recommend somewhere? Thanks.

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having let my son join a football club for the school holidays, i was a bit concerned today when he informed me that he needed to bring a towel in with him tomorrow in order to shower before lunch, and before afternoon snack, is this the norm in france or am i being over concerned, surely this is something that should be in the curiculum prior to joining, your thoughts please asap.

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I am desperately looking for French classes for a 13 year old beginner in the Monaco/Nice area, possibly an intensive course during winter holidays (no private lessons), but all school and institutes only seem to accept adults or offer a summer camp at best. Does anyone out there have an idea for me?

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All excellent condition ( hardly used)Invalid armchair : with wheels, tray, footstool,side pocket.etcFolding walking frameCommode on wheelsFree to anyone who can collect from Central NiceContact Ellie 06 30 69 44 35Ellie

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Hi I have a 2 and 1/2 year old son and he doesn't seem to be able to pronounce his L's. He does everything to avoid using words with the L sound and when he does use one it comes out as G or N . It isn't a big deal I don't think but at the same time I would love to know if there is something I can do. Thanks for the help

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Does anyone have one I could borrow - it's just for the weekend of 2-5 March. Preferably around the Valbonne area. Alternatively is there somewhere where these can be hired? Thanks as ever!

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I hate to admit this, but I am having such a hard time deciding which baby foods to buy. I am just now starting to give her solid foods and I don't know one from the other here! I have started her out with a product that looks and tastes like yogurt, but have no idea if this is good for her? It's called 'bledina bledi brasse'. I don't know if it has any nutritional value. This is so frustrating! Back in the US, I knew everything about this, but here, I feel so helpless in the supermarket! How embarrassing! (Also probably doesn't help having 14 years between my two children!) I tried to find cereal flakes, only found one- vegetables! Back home I would have a selection of wheat, rice, barley, etc, & with bananas, apples, etc (or without). I am going a bit mad! Suggestions, PLEASE!!! If anyone shops at Rocheville Leclerc and wouldn't mind my meeting you there for a bit of 'first aid', I would be extremely grateful!!! Thanks for any recommendations.-Kim

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Am I the only woman who lives in France who knows about the Police Check which every Carer, Nanny, Au Pair etc. legally needs, to be legally allowed to be working with either children or the elderly or both? Every three years the employee has to complete legal forms which in turn are given to the prospective employer plus the employees money to pay for the paperwork. The employer puts only a postage stamp onto the envelope with their address. The Police Check takes just about no time at all and the paperwork, dated and signed etc. is posted back to the employer on the premiss that all is well. Should the Carer, Au Pair, Nanny work with several different children, elderly etc. that employee must have separate documentation for each employer, unless placed by an Agency. In which case, the Agency holds the document. In the bigger picture, this is obviously the way forward.Blossom_Fleur

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This is driving me crazy! I need large quantities of poster paint, ready mixed paint for kids similar to Gouache.In the UK you go to the Early Learning centre and get a 300 ml for 80p - I went to my local art store and it was 12eur a bottle ! I have found at 4 eur but even this seems really expensive so has anyone found a good supplier online..perhaps one that supplies creches and schools..

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Just wondered if anyone has tackled their school on this - whether they have the "official" info I can't find it on my google searches..what is the official policy is their a budget schools can apply for or is it just the private schools that offer..Any help / history appreciated!Sparkles Out.

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I would love to meet up with other mums for outings, walks, coffee etc in the Vence/Nice area.  I have a 4 month old daughter and will be in France for 10 weeks from 7th Feb.  Can anyone also recommend any mums and babies/toddler groups in the area?  Many thanks.

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Does anyone know anything about this school, I heard about it on the radio, but the web site has no information and when I phoned them, the person on the phone did not know anything, I asked was the school new, she said she did not know, when I asked how many students there were she did not know that either, she said more than 5. Does anyone out there know.

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I am traveling to the US via Lufthansa. Any parents out there who have made long haul flights recently with a baby? Were you allowed to bring the baby powder formula on the plane? could you bring other sealed foods onto the plane and not made to open and then eat/try them?Are the plane staff helpful and give you water when you need it so you can make bottles? Does the plane have a changing table in bathroom? Do they mind if you do it on the floor? Really looking for up to date info with all the new regulations in place and what you did or what happened. all experiences and tips welcome. Thanxs

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Hello ! Has anyone any feedback on the Patapum Toddler Carrier or Baby Ergo carrier. My son is fast outgrowing the Baby Bijorn carrier and am thinking of getting a carrier that can carry him behind on my back. I havent seen any local shops stocking these items though besides the framed aluminium Chicco/lafuma types. I prefer a soft carrier that can be transported easily. Has anyone got a secondhand patapum or baby ergo carrier one they want to sell ? Many thanks

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