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Couild someone please recommend a good English speaking child phycologist close to the Valbonne or Biot area

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Is there anyone interested in starting a babysitting circle in Vence? I know I am desperately in need of a night out with my husband. It would be good to make friends also. If interested mail me claire_e_reeves@hotmail.com

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Hi, I have a 15-month old who'll be going to the creche one day per week and to an assistent maternelle or nanny 2 days per week. I'm trying to figure out what to do to get the aid from the CAF. Can anyone help me, or recommend someone who can, with figuring out the CAF and implications for childcare? I don't understand much French, and even after looking at the translated CAF website couldn't really make heads or tails of it. Thanks for any advice, Sarette

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Hi any one out there know of a gym with creche please.In the valbonne grasse area, will go to antibes but no further defeating the object otherwise. many thanks in advance.

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hi i was just thinking of sending my daughter to creche at least twice a week...antibes or cagnes sur mer area but affordable ones ..thank you

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Hi,My name is Edward I am 14 and my family and I have had an apartment in Nice for about a year now. Unfortunately we have not been here much and so non of us have really settled in yet and as I do all my schooling over the internet I haven’t met many people. So I was just wondering if there were any other kids in Nice who might want to meet up.My email is EdwardDowsett@hotmail.co.uk so please drop me a line.

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I have a friend coming to visit and she has an eleven month old baby. Can anyone give me advice regarding the use of baby seats in cars and taxis - is it compulsory to use them? Should the parents provide a seat whilst travelling in a taxi or do taxi firms supply them? Should I need to get a baby car seat is there a good baby shop in the Antibes area? Thanks

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I'm looking for a sitter for my baby girl... We live in St Paul de Vence... Does anyone know of a good reliable sitter with car?

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Hello, I was looking for info on a good, not-too-expensive private pre-school and/or primary school in Nice and was given Blanche de Castel (sp?) as a recommendation. Does anyone have a number for them? Also if anyone has another recommendtion, I'd appreciate the info. Thanks so much! Stephanie Mole

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Hi there, Can anyone give some advice on where and how to register for a Creche or Halte Garderie place in Antibes area I've heard they are pretty full and its hard to get a place but I don't know where to start. This would be for a newborn after Mum returns to work at 3 months post birth Thanks

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Hi , My son will be starting cp next year and I would like for him to be in an international type school. (for the english language). The international school in Garbejare won't take him because he isn't in their bounderies. It is also quite far out.We live in the centre of Antibes. I've also noted a new private school in Sophia. I wonder if they have bus service ? Is there a closer option ?kind regards.

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Does anyone know the number of adults that are supposed to accompany children on a school foreign exchange trip? The 3eme (14-15yrs) are off to spain for 10 days and one of the teachers has dropped out leaving only two teachers to take 33 children - does anyone know what is allowed or where I can found out please? Many thanks

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My colleague is wondering if there is anywhere on the Cote d'Azur where one can have a water birth. Anyone know?

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Would anybody be interested in getting together during half-term holidays to share child minding. I am an English granny looking after my 3 year old granddaughter living in the Nice area but am mobile. PennyPenny

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Its for a friend travelling alone with baby and buggy, well you know what it's like to bring a seat too, it would be a huge task so if I can borrow or hire one - I may be able to help you sell it later, though I really don't want to buy as I might get broody ha ha!it's for week commencing 5th Feb for about 5 days..I guess one that hasn't been in an accident before..CheersSparkles Out.

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Can someone explain all the different options for childcare please. I have a baby daughter of 5 months and would like her to go to a creche or something soon so she can socialise with other children not just mum. What are the differences between a creche, maternelle, garderie, nonou etc and are there other options. I am no longer working and have seen on some postings this limits the options - is his true? Also, looking in and around the Mandelieu area if anyone has any recommendations please.

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Hi We have a holiday appartment in Mandelieu and are there for most school holidays. We have a daughter who's nearly 5 and it would be great to meet up with other mums too. Ella gets a bit bored without playmates. Also, if anyone can recommend a good babysitter in the area, that would be really helpful as have been searching for a while. We're next in mandelieu 18th Feb 07.Mrs Gillian Pears

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Can anyone tell me where I can buy a glider chair so popular with breastfeeding mums?

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Hello, can anyone tell me where I can order a Winnie the Pooh Birthday cake for my son's first birthday please. The ready made one in carrefour only comes in square or round shape and I'm looking for someone to make one litterally in the shape of Winnie. Size for 30 people. Anyone also with tips on where to get simple party food other than making my own sandwiches. Many thanks for all responses. Warm regards Stephanie

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Hi I'm thinking of sending my 12 year old here. He's been in the French system for five years and I think the Montessorri method of teaching would be of benefit to him.Would love to hear thoughts from anyone who sends their kids there - is it a good school? Any drawbacks etc etc.Thanks!

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