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Hi - anyone have their children there - please could you give me your opinion on the school - we are thinking of sending our kids there - and would love some first hand views on it.Many thanks for your time !

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I have a friend who is a painter and decorator in Nice. He uses lots of this baby lotion and always asks me to bring it out to him. Now rather tedious as I have to put luggage in the hold. Is there somewhere in Nice that sells this?

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Anybody know anywhere really good to buy children's shoes? My twins are just starting to walk and will need their first pairs soon. In the UK the best brands (Start-Rite and Clarks) measure not only the length of the feet but also the width and height. I think this is so important. The length of my babies' feet is pretty similar but my boy's feet are wide and tall and my girl's are narrow and shallow. So they will need completely different styles and sizes and I really want to be sure that they are well fitted as children's feet are so delicate.Many thanks for any info.

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I am looking to buy people for dolls house. The dolls house was a Christma present, and now looking for people to fill it!!

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We have an absolutely amazing assistante maternelle (nou nou) in Peymeinade. As our daughter will be starting school in the fall, I thought I would let people know that she will have 1 place available starting in the fall. Normally, the nou nou (Maria) works 4 days a week (M/T/TH/Fri) from about 9am to 6pm. She is looking for someone full time and would prefer the four days mentioned above, as her children are at home on Wednesdays. However, for the right person, she would consider 5 days. Each day is structured with different activities. She does art, outdoor activities, educational activities, activities based on the season (for example, leaf art in the fall), gardening, and music. She has a grand piano in her living room (both she and her daughter play) and, as each family member is a musician, a whole music room with everything from drums to violins. She cooks lunch for the kids each day (if they are not still on milk/formula) and often does baking activities with the kids. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is gentle, patient, active, loving and creative. My daughter has absolutely blossomed under her care. She has been going for over 1 year (since she was 18 months old). Maria is licensed to take care of 3 children. The other two girls will still be there in the fall (one is 1 year old (will be about 18 months in the fall) and the other is about 1 1/2 years old (will be about 2 in the fall). Maria doesn't speak English, however, she and members of her family are learning some English (and her husband speaks English). If you would like any further information, please contact me. She is a real treasure!

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Does anyone know of schools in Vence area or close to this area which specify in learning difficulties for child age 8-9? My child already attends a bilingual school, and doesn't seem to be getting any where. Recently moved to the area so any suggestions which you may have would be a great help. Or any schools which you could recommend, that would be able to provide the support needed.

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Hi, I wonder if anyone knows of a good creche in Cannes. I have looked at a few lovely government creches but as I do not currently work I can only put my son in for one day a week. I am hoping to start up my own business so would like to put him in for about 4 mornings or afternoons a week. Your advice would be appreciated. My son is 8 months old.Regards,Katherine

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Hello, we are two mothers looking for a private crèche where our sons could stay a few mornings a week. We are both not working so we can't put our names down for the government crèche, at least not for permanent days. Thanks!

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Heeelp! We are a british family that have just arrived to the cote d' azure area (grasse). We are in desperate need of a tutor for our 8year old daughter. We have been put onto the waiting list at Mougins school, but until we get a place for her in September, we need a temporary solution for her to keep updated on the british curriculum and possibly include some french language lessons also. Any suggestions/ tips/ contact info would be very welcome and appreciated!....Thank you.

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Hi every one! (Nice area) I'm planing to start a Play Groupe for English speaking children/families. The plan is to meet one morning or afternoon every 2 week, where the children has the oporturnaty to play and have fun with children in theire own lauguage. The idear is that we will make the meeting on shifts in our homes and when summer comes beach/parks/small trips would be an option to. I would like to get in contact with Partents who find this intersting. I'm open for idears. All the best Camilla

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HiI am looking for any information or advice for an Irish friend, who is looking to come to live in this area with her family . As she has four children she is particularly interested in enrolment at school for the children aged between 4 and 9 years.Would it be relatively straightforward to join the eduction system ? The children do not speak French, is that a problem? Any suggestions as to suitable schools in the locality around Antibes and local area.Any advice that I may pass onto her would be greatly appreciated.Amber

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My 7 year old daughter is generally a very bright little girl with lots of common since but when it comes to school work and homework she's driving me crazy! I don't know what to do or where to take her to find out if there is something wrong. She just can't seem to get motivated and is constantly has her head in the clouds. I asked her to copy 6 words and I had time to peel 12 potatoes and came back to check on her and she was only on the 4th word! Then I asked her to write the words with out copying and she didn't know any of them. These are words that we've already been over many times before. Is there anything I can do to help her? I've taken her twice to an osteopath and he said that her brain was compressed or something like that but couldn't assure me that even after coming many times it would help. If anyone has any advice or has had the same problem, I'd be happy to hear from you. I'm normally a very patient person but she seems to push me to the limit to were I end up getting upset with her.

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I have seen a few of these shops listed, wondered if anyone could comment on selection and prices in one of the shops they have tried (perhaps direct to my e-mail is best). Am considering trying the shop in Cagnes sur Mer if anyone has feedback. Also wondering if they buy secondhand items - how it works -and what your experience has been.... Thanks K

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Hi Everyone, I am looking for some information from the parents who's kids go to Mougins International school, whether they have a school bus or not. I know that the school itself does not provide the service but I was wondering whether other parents would be interested to hire a bus/driver and share the costs which will transport the children to and from the school from Monaco or around. Thank you for your help. Nina

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Can anyone suggest how to help with homework headaches/ nausea/ tears/ panic attacks??? Sounds (melo)dramatic but is causing a lot of stress and distress in the house. 12 year-old getting anxious particularly about French homework (results perfectly OK) and occassionally English when it involves creative writing. So far I've been firm but supportive, the homework has to be done but willing to discuss and brainstorm in the first instance, help develop the work once the first version is done by sharing strategies that can be reused in subsequent exercises. But the symptoms are getting stronger and my patience is getting thinner so any suggestions are very welcome.

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Are there any Mums and babes out there who would be interested in getting together to develop our mother-child sensoriel contact? We can explore different forms of baby massage, sensoriel play, stretching, gymnastics, and just a lot of fun and laughter. Connecting with your baby on a soul level, heart to heart. A platform to share Mummy/ Baby stuff in a warm, loving and fun environment. e-mail me if this touches your heart Sanjangala

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I just had a lovely baby and I'm very happy but i'm very tired and was wondering if there is any compensation available to hire someone who can help out with general housekeeping and profesional help with my baby... it is my first baby and as i don't have any experience it would be so nice to have someone sometimes around to answer all my questions and to provide information , ofcourse i did and do read already a lot but you can't have enough information :)) I would like to know aswell if someone can inform me about rehab after pregnancy thanks in advance :)) :)

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Does anyone know any reliable websites/mail order company's (Uk or France) that does good quality children's clothes? (excl Boden. Next & Baby Gap don't send overseas...) If not, maybe you could suggest some good clothes shops in the Cannes/Mouans Sartoux area? Thanks Lg

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It is now time to buy yet one more item for the baby! Can anyone recommend a good car seat for age 6 months up. One preferably that is not too too costly and is easy to install/use and is safe. thanxs leslie

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Does anyone out there know anything about having full-time private tuition at home covering both French and English for a 6 year old? Basically we need to school our son whilst living in between France and England. Any ideas, experiences would be much appreciated. ThanksLisa B

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