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I have a 15 years old daughter who does not speak a word in French, only English. I would like her to move her with me and study here in France. I know that international schools cost so much and I can't afford, so I need something bi-lingual financed (partially) by state which possibly provide pre courses so she can make 1 year and after go to school itself. Any similar experiences? All info is appreciated! Thanks, Nina P.S. it's really urgent, also possibilities in near Italy are interesting for us

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Where is the best place to go to do some shopping with my teenage daughter in Nice? We are new here and I am not familiar with the shopping centers in Nice. Moving here from the tropics we'll need to do a lot of shopping for the winter. We hardly have any winter clothing. Thanks,OCOC

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Hello, I am looking for English children books (4years old) to teach my son reading. Anyone not needing their happy to take for a small fee. thanks

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I live in Biot since few months and I have a 18 months old girl. I would like her to meet some other babies but I don't know where ? Do you have any suggestions ? (whe are French). Thank you.

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Does anyone know this brand and a website in French of English - or a store that carries the products? I spotted a 'babybag' in a French magazine that listed the brand and price, but nowhere to find it... thanks, K

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We live in Antibes but would like to move to Nice.  Does anyone know a nice, lively area, with a good primary school, quite close to the centre, but not too close?  Where do English-speaking people live in Nice (we don't want to feel too isolated)?  Do you know a good school (not private) that welcomes bilingual children?  Which neighbourhoods are to be avoided?  Any tips and advice welcome, thank you!G malton

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Does anyone know an art supplies shop in Nice that gives a discount for buying the full list of art supplies needed for Art Applique?My daughter has a giant list that has to be bought asap. Alison

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I recently saw some discussion regarding the Fenelon School. Can anyone provide information regarding this?I believe I read the fees were 400 Euros a term is this correct? What age group is it for? I have a one child who will be 6 in April and one who will be 10 in October. Is it located in Grasse. Grateful for any info anyone might be able to supply.

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We need to purchase a cot/bed that will last up to age 5, for when our grandchild visits us soon. In UK these can be bought at reasonable prices, without having to "order" at places like Mothercare etc. Is there a similar sort of store near Menton? Coca

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Help, totally confused with the choice of  schooling.  Moving near to Monaco area ( not sure exactly where yet, like to find right school first ) with daughter aged 11 in October.  She has no knowledge of French as yet but we are keen for her to learn.  She is a bit of a worrier so dont feel it would be fair to throw her in at the deep end and go straight into a total french speaking school, therefore would appreciate any info anyone has regarding Bilingual Schools especially College Lafayette.  Dont think our finances will stretch to a International school.  Also College Villa Blanche may be of interest if anyone has any experience, Many thanks, K        

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I have been here 5 months with my 9 and 11 year old children with the intention of us all learning French - we have an apartment in Nice. They have attended a bi-lingual school and understand a great deal and are beginning to communicate. I now feel they are ready to go into a full French school. I have been told by a number of parents (French) that the public schools which my children would have to attend (not the closest and by the main station) are not 'particularly good' in the sense that a tough edge would be useful - something my son does not have. All the private schools which would take my son and daughter (the perfect situation for me as I think it would help if they were in the same school) are full eg Stanilas and Nazareth. My son has suggested a boarding school - his older brothers go to UK boarding school (aged 14 and 15 years) and of course are having a ball and so my younger son thinks it is a good idea! In desperation I have contacted Le Chateau de Peynier in Peynier. Does anyone out there have any knowledge/experience of it? Or does anyone have any other suggestions because I am running out. It appears that the 11 year old (6ieme grade in September) poses the greatest problem.

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A Dutch friend of mine has a future guest coming to her villa and he wants Sky Sports. What is the best way to get it? She already has a Dutch satellite system but it does not pick up Sky. Any advice would be much appreciated!

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Hello all What are your recommendations when buying a pram/stroller? Did you find a 3 wheeler a good option for around town or is a compact Mclaren the way to go? Has anyone tried the mamma's and pappa's pramette? Many thanks

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Hello, can anyone help me? Since my daughter was born six months ago, she is still having sleeping problems. It is a pain to have her fall asleep, at night, she still wakes me up three times. Now on top she seems to get another teeth, so it becomes even worse. I have heard that an osteopath might be of any help, can someone confirm that and recommend someone around Antibes, Valbonne? Please send the answer to margarete68@hotmail.com, as we are not supposed to have names listed in this forum??? Futhermore can anyone recommend a gel or something to for the teeth? I would be very grateful for your answers. Thanks, Margarete Margarete

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I need to cover an area of around 15m2 and just am hoping I don't need to go to every Toys RUS on the Cote. Is there a wholesaler for good quality i.e. non staining sand .. can be very fine shingle..Merci d'avanceSparkles Out.

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What are your experiences here, did you find it better to first put your baby in a moses basket when it was first born and then a cot later? Or did you put the baby straight into the cot, and if so how did it work out? Thanks  

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Good day Can anyone recommend an affordable shop to buy maternity clothes, more specifically bras? The largest size I have found so far is a D. I want to be able to try them on so on-line shopping is no good for me. Many thanks    

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Hello Can anyone who has had a similar experience advise me please? My girlfriend who is currently living and working for herself in the UK has just fallen pregnant. She would like to move to France now. Can she come over and declare her pregnancy under my French social security insurance and get the benefits of someone living in France? Or is she better to wait and have the baby in the UK? Any information appreciated.    

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Hi everyone, Does anyone have any advise on how best to start a playgroup for young babies. Thinking of starting my own but not sure how to go about it. It would be for babies up to the age of 2 years. Thanks

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Does anyone know a Web based company which would deliver the gifts here? Like UK/USA/Sweeden based...I have checked out most french baby stores and websites and realized they offer very limited service: for example Aubert does not offer online purchase (I have many family members in the US!) and others charge for any items that remained unpurchased!! now, THAT is weird... Can anyone suggest a name?Thanks

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