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I am having a baby sometime in March ( maybe beginning/maybe third week...)  It is my first and I am at a total loss as what to buy for her. I would be interested in receiving advice in the form of a list, :) of what the essential things are that I will be clothing her in from March through to June. There are so many things one can buy that it is making me dizzy. For example how many bodies would I need? Long sleeve only or some short ones? Do they wear real clothes like dresses that early or do I keep her in P.J's all the time because she will be sleeping? The questions go on and on......   Thak You for your help ladies! Leslie

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Some of you may remember. late last year, I wrote seeking advise about my 10 years olds school problem. I followed advise, which was great, but now, at the end of 1 week back the problem has escalated and I don't know what to do. The problem is the teacher. I brought to France an intelligent confident boy. Now I have a boy who is scared of his teacher as she manhandles him, constantly tells him he is lazy and hopeless and says he has no future in France and has a blockage with the language and she is very pessimistic about his future here...etc.... and so it goes on and on.. It came to a head today when we had a meeting and she was unbelievably rude and hysterical. How can he put up with this? How do we get into another school as at the moment I'm not sure I can even send him back again. I have 3 children , the other two are happy so we don't have any problems with the system . What shall we do ??

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Is there anyone who can help me get my 12yr old into the CIV preferably for this term, if not, for september 2006? I know that it is important to have a contact in the CIV to give extra leverage. Can anyone help please? Our situation is really desperate.db7

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I am needing to buy a travel cot and linen. Is there the equivelent to 'Mothercare' in Nice or Antibes. If not could someone suggest where I could purchase one.   Many thanks G.gina b

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does anyone know of a good second hand shop for children. that sells toys, clothing, furniture & general things that children use?    Peace & Love

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With the cooler months aproaching, and I am still wearing summer dresses with sweaters on top or t-shirts underneath for my maternity wear, I do need something a bit warmer underneath to keep me from getting cold! Can anyone tell me wear I can buy warm tights that are meant for pregnancy, either in a store or via the internet. I hate anything on my belly, so they must be the type that ride below the bump.   Thank You Leslie

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Hi there, Does anyone know where myself and my partner can go for Antenatal classes. I live in Nice and know I can go the Le Kids club for Prenatal yoga but where do I go to get the lowdown on the do's and don'ts of giving birth. Unfortunatey it would need to be in English as my grasp of French is still basic. Thanks.

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This is probably not the first request but its the first from me, help! Just found out that I am bringing into France my first offspring and to be honest with you I don't know where to start. The Anglo Info help file has been great. Now I need to go back to basics with ideas for helpful books, web sites, food products, meetings or anything that could help. Email direct or post here for others that may be in the same position as I am.

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does anyone know of a shop that has a large range of baby nurseing bras & tops in the antibes area?

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We have just moved to the CDA and our son has started French school. He is 9 years old. His 10th birthday is next week. He is in class CM2 which I understand to be for 10-11 year olds,and the final year before they star Secondary school. In England he would have two school years before secondary school. Before I go and make a fool of myself at the school, can anyone tell me whether he is in the right class?

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im looking for a maternity shop that has some elegant/sexy/fun clothing... any ideas??Peace & Love

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id like to buy a little girls playhouse that can go indoors or outdoors, does anyone have one for sale?? With some cute things to go inside it??Peace & Love

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im looking to buy a pram or stroller with an attachable carseat for a newborn baby, Id really like something that can be used off road, on the beach or for jogging & thats lightweight & easy for fold up.    Peace & Love

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id like to buy a lounge chair thats suitable for breastfeeding, something padded, comfortable & possibly has a foot stool with it?   love to see a photo if you have something you think might be suitable   sherinPeace & Love

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Hi anyone got any information re divorce and separaton and parental responsiblities.??? Or anyone know a good lawyer who might give me a free first consultation while I am in the middle of getting things sorted. Muchly appreciated.

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Hi, Im looking to buy a double pushchair, & I wondered if anyone out there has experience of using either of the ones Im looking at? Version A Phil & Teds E3 www.philandteds.com or Version B Jane power twin www.groovystyle.co.uk My baby is due soon & I have a little girl of 2 year old, Im interested in comfort for them both, ease of use & anything else you can tell me? I have a red castle shop & jog which I love, but for long days out & holidays (which we do alot) I need a place still for my little girl to siesta! Any advice would be welcome.ThanksThe one & only original Pigtails

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Does anyone have any recommendations for where I can buy good quality, reasonably priced children's clothes.  I can find very nice, very expensive clothes or cheap, poor quality clothes that shrink as soon as they're washed.  I'm looking for something in between for my 14 mth old and 3 year old boys.   Helen  

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Does anyone know if it is possible to find the wrap around sheild for coffee tables like the one here: http://www.safebeginnings.com/WebComponents/Catalog/Public/showproduct.asp?id=265&cat=Childproofing   Prefer between Nice and Menton -- or on-line with a French store? Also looking for the mesh netting that can go along railings to keep kids from putting arms, legs, heads thru.... Thanks for any ideas...

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Greetings. Does anyone know of a good shoe shop that will measure childrens feet and provide a proper fitting service? We have a little girl whose feet are a little wider than normal and we have difficulty in finding her comfortable shoes. Our nearest town is Frejus but we are prepared to travel!! Thanks in advance. GillDalsegno

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Can anybody point me in the direction of quick and basic swimming lessons for a 6 year old. He doesn't need to become a competitive swimmer, just needs to be able to be safe and have fun. I am in Antibes. Oh yes, they can speak French or English.

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