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Hi there - Does anyone know where to get Birkenstock shoes for kids other than Quay Ouest in Nice?  Many thanks in advance!...

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Hi - Can anybody help?I am looking to buy a baby cot and possibly High Chair ... MUST be in A1 condition.Please e mail me - morgraig@hotmail.commorgraig

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I placed an order for some children's clothes from an online store (via their website) on the 15th of March.  All of the items were listed as available, I paid with my Kangarou card and I received an email confirmation of the order, saying that the order would be processed within an average time of 15 days, as I had requested home delivery.  I have still not received anything, despite two emails and a phone call (at 34 cents a minute) where they assured me that the goods had been sent out on the 24th of March.  They told me that there was nothing they could do to follow the package and they couldn't investigate further until the 24th of April.  They told me it was perfectly normal for the package to take a while since there were strikes in March... Is this just another bit of bad luck I'm having?

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I am planning to move to the Monaco area this summer with my two children and would like some advice on schools. My daughter is 12 and is currently in the UK private system, but a year ahead of her age group which means that she is now in her final year at UK prep school. Her choices are either stay on and repeat a year or find a somewhere else to go for a year until she can start at her chosen senior school in September 2006. We are opting for the somewhere else and thought it might be a good idea to spend a year in France to perfect her French. The choices now are do I go for a bi-lingual school or a French school? I like the idea of French school as total immersion would be the best way to learn French, and I wouldn't hesitate if she were younger or if we were planning on staying longer (I don't know how long I will stay in France). I would love to hear from others who have put older children in to the French system. Her French is good for a 12yo, but very basic and she is a shy child. Alternatively,she could go to a private bi-lingual school, but I assume this would not be so helpful for her French, or even a private tutor/home schooling. My son is 8 and I am happy to put him to the local school although I have some reservations as he is quite badly dyslexic. He has only just started to master reading in English and he finds writing even harder. He has been to French lessons for a couple of years so does have a basic vocabulary. I am happy to pay for some private tutoring to help with both the French and his learning difficulties, but will the French school be understanding of his problems and how will I communicate with his teachers when my French (despite my best efforts) is appalling. Any comments or suggestions would be welcome.

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I recently asked about the fenelon school. Would anyone have the phone no. of the school for me please? Or any information. I need to know if the school is restricted to those living in the Alpes Maritime. Our house is just on the border of Mandelieu and is classed as being in the Var, under Frejus.As the school is private would that be a problem. Does anyone know the distance in time from Mandelieu to Grasse? Sorry for all these questions, but as I have not yet moved into the area, there is still lots I need to find out. Any help greatly appreciated. many thanks legal eagle

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Special Needs (Cote D'Azur) Special Interest Group on www.networkriviera.com To bring together the families of children and adults with special eductional or practical needs. For problem solving and mutual support. Also for professionals in the field and volunteers with time to share. Free to join!! Am suggesting getting together: Thurs 24th Feb (Valbonne). No agenda in the first instance, just a social but any suggestions welcome. Sally

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Hi I am looking for recommendations on a computer program for a 7yr old young lad. Something educational yet fun and for a bloke. Can be french or english or both! Many thanks

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Does anyone know if there are any shops in Nice that not only measure the length but also the width when buying children's shoes.(Like Clarke's in England).  One of my daughters has very wide feet and all shoes bought so far in France are far too narrow. I can't find any similar postings on this topic.  Thanks for any help.littlecook

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We have just moved here and are seeking advise regarding international schools. We want our child to study in French and English, but they have very little French at the moment. We also do not want to have to move to be in a catchment area if possible - any advise regarding your experience, entrance exams, how happy your children are at the school? Thank you

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Does anybody have any suggestions for what to buy a little boy for a christening present?  And, where? Preferably something a little different since, he doesn't have everything but, he does have several money boxes, first tooth and curl boxes, and photo frames! Thanks, Jacqueline

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We are moving to PACA in time for the start of school for our teenagers with only what we can fit into suitcases....Where can we buy school supplies in the Nice/Cannes area? Thanks w

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Hi I just wanted to ask all the Moms some advice on teaching kids french. I look after three kids, two of them are boys aged 4 and 5. They are English speaking but they have been put into a french school. They go to school from 9 to 430 and it is quite a long day. I wonder if that is stressful for them. I know that it is said that kids pick up another language quickly, and if I had kids I would have done exactly the same thing putting them into a French school. How long in your experiences does it take for them to start communicating. My boys do not have seemed to speak at all but I do notice some understading. They have been enroled for about 2 months. I would love to hear of your experiences. Is there a speach therapist that anyone would advise taking them to, or does anyone suggest extra lessons in French or is it just a waiting game? Katherine

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I have one month old baby and would love to read and sing to her in english.If anyone knows where I could buy some books and songs in english language please let me know. Thanks in advance, Milica Seguela.

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We are moving to Nice in end-Jun. My baby is 9 months old and we would like to meet other mother and baby group in Cagnes-sur-Mer. Thank you to advise.

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Is anybody going to Mougins school on the 29th and would like to share transport,from the Draguignan area. Janet

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Where is the best place to buy childrens shoes?

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I would be very interested to know if anyone can recommend a shop that sells childrens soft furnishings such as curtains, cushions, bean bags etc.  It seems so difficult to find anything for my childrens bedrooms.  I live near Grasse but will travel anywhere!!  Thanks!                       

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Does anyone know where to buy woollen long sleeved underwear for a two year old? Carrefour, Decathlon or a Baby shop? 

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Hi, I have just moved to Nice from the UK (my boyfriend has been relocated here). I am looking for a childcare or nanny position. I have experience with childcare, having looked after my two cousins as they were growing up, and while I was in college I did some voluntary child minding for special needs children. I am 28 years old, from Leeds, West Yorkshire. I have a B.Sc. in Biomedical Sciences and professionally I worked as a research technician in Leeds General Infirmary and at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Centre in Dallas, Texas. I am very trustworthy, honest and patient. I love children and love spending time with them. I have also just completed the TEFL course and therefore can help improve your child’s English, if required. I have a full, clean UK driver’s license and a car; so I am mobile!If you are interested you may contact me via E-mail: sarahsugden22@hotmail.com, or you may call me on 0668199366Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to hearing from anyone interested..Sarah

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If anyone has Debbie Gleeson's new phone number or another contact number for the playgroup, could they please forward it to me via the email link.  The number currently listed on this site is "unattributed".  Thanks!

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