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Hi, I have just moved to Nice from the UK (my boyfriend has been relocated here). I am looking for a childcare or nanny position. I have experience with childcare, having looked after my two cousins as they were growing up, and while I was in college I did some voluntary child minding for special needs children. I am 28 years old, from Leeds, West Yorkshire. I have a B.Sc. in Biomedical Sciences and professionally I worked as a research technician in Leeds General Infirmary and at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Centre in Dallas, Texas. I am very trustworthy, honest and patient. I love children and love spending time with them. I have also just completed the TEFL course and therefore can help improve your child’s English, if required. I have a full, clean UK driver’s license and a car; so I am mobile!If you are interested you may contact me via E-mail: sarahsugden22@hotmail.com, or you may call me on 0668199366Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to hearing from anyone interested..Sarah

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If anyone has Debbie Gleeson's new phone number or another contact number for the playgroup, could they please forward it to me via the email link.  The number currently listed on this site is "unattributed".  Thanks!

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we are visiting here and need to get hold of some sma baby formula (it is a uk brand, and yes i am going to call the english shop in antibes tomorrow morning), but failing that, does anyone know where we can get some? many thanks...

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My eldest son starts maternelle in Nice soon. We should be given a list of things to but. I'm just wondering what would be on that list so that I can start buying some things in advance rather than doing it all in a rush at the last minute. We have already bought his yellow "tablier", what else is there? Thanks Abbie

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Hi there, can anyone help me find some good maternity shops other than Formes also where is the best place to find new baby essentials eg. cot, pram, clothes etc. many thanks in advance

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hi, where can I find babies shops - cloths, toys and the like? (Avent bottles ??? ) I live in Nice but whereever it is - please let me know - it is like there are no babies here....

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My 3 year old son will start maternelle in September and needs a yellow painting apron - any ideas where to get one, in or around Nice? Thanks Abbie 

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Seeking suggestions for finding maternity-wear near/in Monaco or Nice (around the Lafayette and Nice Etoile shopping area).   Thanks, K

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My Brother will be in Cannes this weekend, where I hope he can get a, Berchet Charton 'Tonic' (Orange) tricycle for my 2 year old daughter (these are not available in the UK) I have mentioned the Carrefour in Antibes, but a shop in Cannes would be much easier, if that's not a possibility, is there a bus from Cannes to the Carrefour in Antibes ? Cheers, Ron

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What is the going rate for babysitting a 5 year old?

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does anyone have a good idea on what to get my wife for her 2nd wedding anniversary????

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Hello everyone, I hope to relocate to the Nice area at the end of October from UK but am unwilling to continue my childrens' education in either the state or private sectors. The children are aged 9 (Year 5), and 4 (Reception). Are there any support groups for home schooling in the area who can advise me? Are there any legal requirements I should be aware of? As a single mum, I would find it difficult to pay the fees for the international schools but wondered if there are any private tutors who would be capable and willing to continue the childrens' education, using the UK National Curriculum. Also, are there any tutors available to give French lessons to all three of us? I am looking for a two-bedroomed apartment in Villefranche area to rent on a long-term basis. Perhaps "Legend in my own lunchtime" can help me ! You seem to have all the answers. Your help would be much appreciated, Kind regards, Aideen.aideen

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As we have moved to VENCE and our three boys are in school and speak no FRENCH the school have suggested we move them to a different school who they say will teach them French quicker.As they have already made friends we would prefer not to move them and we would appreciate any suggestions as to how we should deal with this problem.Kind RegardsAnthony Brophy

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Does anyone know where I can get a soft insulated lunch box for my kid's packed lunch? I've tried places like Carrefour, Auchan, Galeries Lafayette, and even Toys R Us but no luck. I did see some in the Disney store but not the insulated type.

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Hi, does anyone know if there is an organisation here that deals with young people being educated at home up to the IBL level. Or has anyone got any experience of alternative education options for young people here in france. Any help would be most welcome .

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Dyshasic,little boy of six learning french and english does anybodied have views or experience in this subject Janet

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Hi Can anyone recommend any good state schools in the Sophia Area that would cater for English Kids ages 7 & 4. Your recommendations would be really appreciated. Thanks  

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Hi My son is 19 weeks old and missed his last and third set of initial immunisations in the UK for Diptheria, Tetanus, Polio, Whooping cough, Meningitis C and Hib (not sure what stands for) as we had just moved to France when they were due in the UK. I presume here in France they have the same or similar injections. Can someone please advise what I need to do and where I need to go to get them done? Also I want to have him weighed, how do I have this done? We are living in Nice.

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My husband and I are currently living in a house in the UK which is mortgaged. Our equity is about £200,000.My husband has a job in the south of France, and we were wondering what our options are regarding the house.If we convert the UK mortgage to buy to let, and rent out the UK house, will this affect the size of mortgage we can get in France? Will the rental income be counted (which should easily cover the mortgage), allowing us to get the same amount of mortgage as if we'd sold the UK house?I would like to run a gites business in France. If I bought an existing business, would I be able to get a commercial mortgage based on the previous years accounts of income from the gites?Are there any other issues about retaining a UK house? Will it affect our residency for tax purposes?

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Hi there are there other Anglo/Scots/Irish/French/German/US  etc   or other mums who live in the Nice area who would like to set up a circle. This means that on those occasions when you want to or need to go out you can be sure that your kids are being looked after by a like minded and already known person. Mine is 12 almost 13  by the way so not so much baby sitting more watchful eye required. It can work on either a swap or paid for basis.  Angela

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