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Does anyone know from where these things can be rented locally please? Many thanks.

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Could someone please let me know if our three children aged 3, 5 & 6 years will need the tuberculosis jab to enter a french school?   Many thanks Tania

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My pregnant wife and I are just about to move to the Mougins area and wonder if you have any contacts in that area that can help with ante/post natal care/support groups etc.Thanks in advance for any Info. IanIan

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Can someone tell me what the catchment area for the CIV is here please.   Thank you for any help sent  Angela

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I am a Danish mother with a 10 month old boy who are looking for English speaking mothers in Nice with children of similar age, who are interested in meeting ones a week with the children at each others homes for coffees while the kids can play. Please e-mail me at mettehilbert@hotmail.com if you are interested.

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I'm planning on moving down to an area close to Sophia Antipolis soon and want some advice on schools. The areas I've looked at are Peymeinade, Valbonne, Biot and Mougins. I'm not interested in private education and don't mind my kids going to a French speaking school. My oldest is a five year old who has just started school in England. Are the state schools down there fairly much the same standard or are some areas better than others. Also, I understand there is a school near Sophia that teaches in French and English.

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