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Hello everyone,I am a new resident to Grasse.  I have a 5 year old son who speaks french and english.  I am looking to grow his social circle and meet new people as we begin to build our new live here in France.  Under the current situation things have been very secluded not just fo us but for everyone.  We both cant wait to get out there and experience the beauty of our new world.  

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Bonjour,Due to the situation I am offering french classes online for beginners to advanced level.If you are interested and want to learn or improve your skills then just send me an email and I will be happy to settle curriculum and schedule with you.All the material you need is a computer with a Skype account and the pdf of books I will send you .I can also help for your children's french homeworkPayment is secured with Paypal.For more infos please dont hesitate to contact me.Kind regardsSarra 

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Hi , my name is Anouchka , i'm a french girl. I would like to confirmed my english so I would like to work with an english family during the summer 2020 on the french riviera.Babysitting or something else ,If you have some ideas contact me :) Thank you 

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Hi AllCan anyone recommend a French Tutor for my Wife and I, we need someone to take us from zero/basic forward in French. We are Brits who live here around 4 months of the year in ANTIBES, and urgently need to learn to speak and then read French please.Very much appreciate any recommendations Ray

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If you need help from a reliable and trustworthy babysitter, look no further. With experience looking after children aged 6-16 on a daily or over night basis, during the week or at weekends, I am happy to help you with your needs. As well as preparing dinner or playing games, I am happy to help your child with making sure their homework is completed too.Very happy to provided references as needed.

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Specialized for any transfer of 6-8 people ( LARGE FAMILY) from the airport > all the French Riviera and tourist shuttle........

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Hi Can anybody please recommend stuff to do in Nice for a 11 year old?ThanksThomas

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Hi, does anyone know of any mummy baby clubs around the area Valbonne / Opio / Grasse? I'm a young mum of an almost 2 year old girl with another little man on the way. Would love to meet other English speaking mamas in the region. Or if you're in the same boat, maybe we can create our own group! Thanks 

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A  universal  marriage couple helps to ensure comfort in the house, (housekeeping, washing,cooking health food, supervision  area around the house with a pool, cooking, grocery shopping, childcare, driving ....) Friendly for pets. We have extensive experience and recommendations. Multitasking is our advantage!!!Skype art7065 (online)

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Hi, I would like to start a discussion about schools in the riviera area. Most are not bilingual but with the riviera being so international, there are quite a few international schools. Each will propose different ideas. I love Montessori for my young children. But Montessori is not a registered mark and there is little or no control on what the actuel teaching level is. You should look at what « Avis » say before signing. Also compare quality, offer and price. Some are the double of others and the teaching is not as good. Children who don’t speak either English or French need to be in a caring and calme atmosphere where the teachers will talk to them enabling the children to actually learn the languages. In a class of 35, they are just left to get on by themselves but are rarely spoken to by an adult or even other children who can’t talk to them. Little Philo School at Antibes is a great little school which is bilingual, Montessorien and only takes 10 children per class. They are very caring and each child is treated as an individual and with respect. it is an international school with a fab reputation even if it’s still young. I strongly recommend visiting this school. The teachers are wonderful and the children are very happy. They work in a calme atmosphere and learn quickly. Other bilingual schools in the Antibes area are EBICA, Les Colibris, Montessori International and Mougins School, please leave your comments to help others choose. 

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Hello, we are looking for an English teacher for our 8 year old daughter, for after school follow-up, or Wednesday and Saturday. This is to prepare her for private schools or for a departure abroad. Thank you in advance.

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I live in Juan-les-pins and I am available for baby sitting over the Holidays. 

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Hi My granddaughter is with me in Valbonne till May, studying for exams. Shes fun, needs company of her own age, like theatre, dance, & will try anything going. Drop me a line urgent

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We visiting Portugal for Christmas and New Year with some friends...kids as well (between 11-14 years old) Can anyone recommend must see/do things for us?Two things we absolutely want to do is to take the kids to go see snow...I know it does not really snow in Portugal but we are thinking of a ski-resort...any recommendations?  Then we would also like to take the train trip from Lisbon to Madrid....any suggestions on that will also be appreciated!Thank you!!

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Универсальная пара ищет работу, живет в. Большой опыт работы в различных областях (водитель, смотритель, повар, няня, экономка, уборщик, садовник, помощник ...). Мы будем надеяться услышать вас в ближайшее время и показать весь наш опыт на практике.Артурас и ЕленаSkype art7065 (интервью)нет агентства

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Hello, I'm looking for a part-time nanny for my 2 kids, 3 hours/ day/ 5 days per week for the scholl year.Please let me know if you are interested by this Job.Alice

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Hello all,after several summers in France, my California-based 13 y old daughter with straight As, dreams to go to school in Nice for her 9th grade (3ième).She is not fluent in French but aware of the challenge and invested in intensive program to make gains.I am looking for families who have experIence with a similar situation to help us plan and be realistic.Thank you

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I’m looking for a Montessori teacher for a preschool in Monaco. With pre-school education and having experience in the field of kindergartens or elementary school. With a good command of  English. Please contact: mailmoris@gmail.com

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I’m looking for a manager for a preschool in Monaco. With pre-school education and having experience in the field of kindergartens or elementary school. With a good command of  English. Please contact: mailmoris@gmail.com

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I’m looking for a manager for a preschool in Monaco. With pre-school education and having experience in the field of kindergartens or elementary school. With a good command of  English, French.

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