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I m looking for a student girl to speak English with my children (15, 13 and 10 year old) several hours per week. In exchange I can propose a small flat in our house located in Roquefort les Pins near Valbonne and Sophia Antipolis during a period to be determined.RegardsCorinne

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Learning French ! New year meaning new goals ! Dont let your family life stop you from getting your goals in place. I offer french lessons in groups or one on one where you can bring along your baby / child so no reason why not ! My daughter is 17 months old and loves to meet new people ! Come along for a cup of tea / coffee . And choose from the list what you need ! - learning french one on one for a job ? Or day to day life . - need help writing CV and cover letter ? Come along for a few hours and ill explain everything you need to know - help with paperwork ? Carte vital, caf , les impots , creche paperwork, choosing between nounou, creche, chreche collective, nanny, or assitante maternel, inrollement into hospitals, bills .... ect - group of 3 - 5 people to meet people with children and learn together with games and fun situations . . Easy parking easy acces. 5 mins from polygone in cagnes sur mer.

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Hi Anglophiles,This is my first post here: I'm a first time mum to a 5 month-old and would like to get involved with any baby groups in the region, preferably with other English-speakers so I can start my baby's bilingual education off right :)  All suggestions are welcome. Thank you xx

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Does anyone know if the Chocolate Festival in Le Cannet is still on this weekend, or has it been postponed until next weekend due to the weather? Many thanks!

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We need to found a nanny required for 1 to 3 children Permanent position, live out, part-time.English to first language standard essential.  Own car neededPlease contact us !! Phone number : 0243720202By mail : emploi.antibes@o2.fr

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Hello everyone, we are in need of some child friendly English speaking volunteers. We need people for a few hours a week, to help us deliver a play-based therapy and education program to our son who is on the Autism spectrum. The program is expected to reduce and possibly reverse the symptoms of autism. All that is required is a big heart and an enthusiastic and happy attitude...oh and some imagination. We are very exited to try this program with our son, but we need people to help us. It will hopefully be a very rewarding endeavor. Our son is a very calm 27mth old toddler, easy to be around, but needing some extra care. It is not a babysitting job. One or both parents will be around for support and guidance. Many thanks in advance to anyone with the heart to give it a go!

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hello I am looking for any kind of summer school for my 2.5 (3 in august) yo girl in Monaco or nearby.I want her to avoid the indoor time at the Crèche, (which is way "complicated" in July, for Air Conditioning is poison to her), and send her to some outdoor activity group for toddlers.Any suggestions are welcome!Thanks!

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Hello,I am looking for the baby-sitter during friday or saturday evening (21-23h) living closed to Massena - Palais MedIteranee - Negresco.cordiallyAleksandra

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Does anyone have experience of Beaulieu High School. Our son is due to go there next September, but we have no idea what it is like? Any information would be great to hear.

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Hi. As the weather gets colder and we can no longer go to the beach and the parks are chilly, what kind of things are there to do indoors?I know of Royal Kids in Antibes or the aquarium in Monaco, but thats about it. Any suggestions?Thanks and have a great day!

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Hello, Our son is a very playful and easy-going little french boy, now 10 months old, and we are looking for a nanny to take care of him every tuesdays in our apartment, from 8am to 5pm typically.We live in Nice in place de la Libération, and we would like him to hear some english speaking, also we have no place in the nursery on tuesdays.......We need the nanny to be registered in France, in order to write a proper employment contract. Also, if you want to share some time with us and have some french conversation, we would also be happy to !Hope to meet you soon

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Hello, I'm french and i'm looking for a person who is native native for playing in english with my children ( 6 and 3) during 3 hours a week. We live in Pegomas ( near Grasse and Mandelieu )I'm french teacher so if you want to do a deal, why not ....Teenagers and grand ma  are accepted ;) thanks a lot Aurélia

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Hi everyone my family and I have recently moved down to the Mandelieu-la Napoule area with a 8 month old Son. I am looking for any form of English speaking baby classes / groups or meetings In the area. Can anybody recommend anything? Any help would be much appreciated.

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hello, I'm looking an english baby sitter who is native english for playing in english with my son 6 years old and my daughter 3 . I live in Pegomas and i would like 2/3 hours a week . It would be great if you're free on monday between 4 and 7 o'clock :)  I'm french teacher so if you want i teach you french in exchange , it's ok, for me ;) Thanks a lot

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We've recently moved to France and are in the process of getting my son into a nursery but for the time being he's quite lonely and desperate to play with other children! He is a very kind, loving and playful little boy who loves toy cars and watching Ben and Holly.We live in Saint Raphael. If you live near by and have a child of a similar age who would like a play date please get in touch to arrange a meet up! All children welcome- boy or girl, french or english. Thank you!!

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Hello everyone,My daughter, Amaya, is 15-yo and in need of some tutoring and coaching. She's in high school in Cannes, trilingual (she's Danish/American and French) happy with school, but in definite need of some help in our day-to-day lives. As my French is limited, I'm interested in finding a great tutor, someone with some gumption and someone who can help inspire, beyond just helping with homework. Any recommendations for agencies, tutors etc.? She/he must be fluent in both English and French, and focus will be on languages, math and also having fun.Many thanks for any ideas (including if this is the right place here to post this!;))Christopher

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We are returning to Australia (Melbourne) from France in January next year and looking for a French Au Pair. There are four kids who are all at school so most help would be required outside of school hours. We would love you to speak French to the children as we want them to continue to practice their French. I will speak English to you during school hours and you are welcome to join an English group if you would like to. We are currently living in the south of France but leaving very soon. Please contact me if you would like to find out more.Many thanksDelia (delia_a8@yahoo.com.au)

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Hello,I am looking for a tutor for my son for IGCSE maths and possibly English too. Any recommendations? In the Valbonne area ideally.Many thanks!

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Hi all, I am doing a little market reasearch. We are hoping to move over there next year and teenage son will go to Mougins school. I am a qualified and experienced Maths teacher from UK-(NI) I intend to offer my services as a Maths tutor to English speakers. Has anyone any knowledge of what's available in the area already? I know there is Carfax tutors which look as if they cost a bomb. I would hope to start spreading the word around Mougins school which does GCSE and A level but i could also teach Bacc Maths and could manage to teach in French too. Someone did post on here a while backing looking for a Maths tutor but I don't think they got a single reply. Any views out there? I can start my waiting list now if nec:-)) Oh and also what would be regarded as a good reasonable rate? Here tutors can be from £25 -£40 an hour depending on level and experience. What would you be prepared to pay? Merci à l'avance Marie  

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Is there a tutor who can help with the GCSE's for the month of April?

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