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Helloim looking for some information on hospitals in or around Menton and what the maternity wards offer. This is my first pregnancy and I'm not familiar with the system here. I'm in the process of getting my Carte vitale. Im also wondering if anyone knows for example 1. how long a French hospital will let you go over your due date before inducing 2. Do they allow you to delay the clamping of the umbilical cord thanx in advance

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HelloWe are looking for a native english person who would like to play and speak english  2 hours by week in Nice with our daughter, 4 year's old,

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Does anyone know if there are any Prenatal courses in English around Valbonne / Grasse / Nice / Antibes / Cannes?Thank you!

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Hi!Are there any 'new mum' groups in the area or any sort of activities where pregnant women can get together and socialise? I would like to meet other mums-to-be... Thanks!

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hello, I am looking for a nice 1st language level English speaker pedagogue to talk with my 15 month old baby in Nice

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I've just read this on another Angloinfo site and it raises a lot of questions for UK families herehttp://www.bremaininspain.com/news/response-british-europe-the3million-third-round-negotiations/

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Is your child in need of assistance with their Spanish studies? If so, I am a fully-qualified tutor of Spanish as a Foreign Language.I have had excellent results with the students I have supported with their IGCSE and IBDP examinations. I am qualified to tutor students from beginners to advanced.Private one-to-one tutoring in person or via Skype to suit your needs.Please do not hesitate to contact me, on the email given, for further information.

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Would like to see if it is any interest for a new group. So inviting to Open house on Wednesday 6/9. Please contact me w direct message. We also speak French, German and Scandinavian, and some italian. Bienvenu! 

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If you need help with your Spanish I have very good results with my students at IGCSE and IBDP. I am available via skype or face to face, please don't hesitate to contact me.Thank you

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Does anyone know of English courses for French children - 16yrs of age that are held during school holidays. One week or more.

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Dear Future Artists, Art students, Art assistants or just students.We're proposing-a free landscape painting workshop by a professional artist-plus room in a villa-a few trips to Paris with us to our apartment-some amount of cash upon personal agreement-at the French Riviera (St.Raphael)In exchange of-Live-in English tutoring-for our 10 and 14 years old home learning super friendly boysThe happy candidate will have her own room in a villa (200m from the beach)and should help us (a dynamic French family w Russian origins just back from UK) to set up the easels out in the mountains, keep up the English of the boys and participate in the sport activities like mountain biking, kayaking, and yoga. Knowledge of healthy food is always welcome.Feel free to contact us for a skype interview.Ann

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Surely some of you, British or American, have gotten married here to a French citizen.  Perhaps you could explain to me what on earth is a "Certificate de Coutume"  (sur les lois regissant les mariages dans les etat americains).    It is something  different, apparently from the Certificate de celibate, which testifies that I may legally marry without constraints.  And finally, an "Apostille" delivered by my state of birth.  This is not my birth certificate.    I speak fluent French and asked the officer at the Marie to explain these things, but he said "Ecoutez Madame,"   It is all explained here, as he underlined various paragraphs, "J'ai une marriage qui m'attend!" .     Can anyone enlighten me?    Thanks, Beebe

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Hello, I'm a french teacher in Biology and Marketing at the University and OGC Nice (Professional Female Hand Ball Club). I've tought to sportives students and also at home with younger students in sciences and french for passing exams "Brevet des Collèges" and "Baccalauréat". I've got my own car because I leave next to Vence, and I've got free time for meetting you if you could have some needs for this new scolar year.So you can join me on my mobile phone : 06 98 06 28 10 or you can leave me a message (texto) or by mail : corinne.mermet@free.fr 

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We are going to be living close to Les Issambres and are interested in enrolling our daughter who is 3yrs 3mo old into some sort of activity like swimming lessons or dance classes? Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thank you!

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A colleague of mine is looking for a junior Marketing/Communication English native speaker and was complaining of getting nothing but CVs from experienced people, no young, junior profiles.This prompted a conversation about what the "expat" or dual nationality kids do after school and uni.   Do you find that your older kids have a tendency to move away after school or not move back after university, especially if they attended a uni abroad?  If so, is it because they don't like the area itself, or the culture, or because they find there aren't enough career prospects here?Really curious about this, especially since I have 3 kids who will be in this position soon/within a few years, so would be interested to find out what happens in other families :)

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Looking for an Au Pair or alternatively for someone to look after my 1 & 3 year old boys Monday afternoons 3.30-6.30pm, Tuesday and Friday mornings 7am-9am (including drive them to school). Possibly pick up from school Tuesdays (4.30-6pm). Starting September. If interested i would like some help in the holidays also. Please email me for more information. Must have clean drivers licence and preferably own car. Cannes La Bocca Please email vickyblocksidge@gmail.com if interested. Many thanks

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Hi we are traveling and homeschooling with our 8 and 10 year old children.  We will be in Antibes from mid Aug through end of September.   Is there any portal for parents looking to get kids together to play--meet?  Any classes for kids in Antibes that may work for children who don't speak French?  Thanks so much!

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Hello I am looking for a childminder as native English speaker to play with my son ( 2 years old). We live in area of valbonne/opio/sophiaI offer 20euros/hour ( schedule to be discussed with this childminder, a few hours per week)Optionally, if needed, I also offer a flat ( 1 bedroom + 1livingroom ) with independent entry in a lovely house close to valbonne village.please contact me Mme YANG 0601918281 by sms or email yangleye@gmail.com

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Hello,We will be moving soon to Nice next year and are considering the various bilingual schools available there.The choice seems to be between ABC School and EIB (Ecole du Pain d Épice).Has anybody attended one of these two schools or heard any feedback about them? Very little available online...Many thanks in advance 

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We are moving to the French Riviera from Canada sometime in August/September. We have 3 kids under the age of 4. Any suggestions on places to live near Cannes/Nice? I've looked at many of the suggested places like Mougins, Valbonne, Biot, Opio, Vence, Antibes but many of these areas look very hilly and not great for kids to run free or ride their bike. I'm almost thinking there is no such place unless we move an hour away into the countryside or farther south along the Riviera. We need to be close to the international airport and international schools, preferably 30-45min drive. I would love to find a kid friendly town where it's safe for kids to walk, run and play without me having to hold their hands or confine them to a stroller. A place with playgrounds, athletic/swimming centers, aqua parks, etc. Any suggestions?

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