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Hello, I research an english teacher for my children after the school 2 times by week. We live at Saint Laurent du Var. My son is 8 years old and he knows a little the english language and my daughter is 3 years old. If you are interesting, not hesitate at contact me. Thanks for advance. Claire

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Hello all, we've been living in Normandy for 15 years but are moving to the Nice region for work proably in August.  Anyone suggest good places to live in the area?   We'll be looking to rent to start with.  We'd like to live somewhere accessible by public transport, having been in deepest countryside, we'd like a change.  More importantly, our son is due to start lycee, anyone got any positive/negative remarks on the lycee in the area?Many thanks, any helpful remarks gratefully received.Sarah

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I am English and would be available to work as a nanny or babysitter from September. I would be available for the school year and I have previous experience.

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Dear All, I am looking for playdate for my 6 y.o. son for some outdoor and sports activity around Cap Martin and Monaco. He speaks German and English, so if you know anybody who would be interested to join us, please kindly email me. Thank you

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Hello Moms,i.m new in The forum i m looking for some informations Regarding The test to intégrale The civ in 6eme class. I vie got 4 kids 13 10 5 and 3 and m'y second daughter Santos to pas The test n'est year but i don't Know exactly Wich level is requested and The kind of skills that they search. We are french and she s en dinde hier cm1 Wich excellent results but it s a small school in a small village and i think that The level is low. I Know that it s gonna be hard but she watts to Try. So if one of you van help me with subjects are websites or Anything thank you in d'avance. Carole

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Good evening, we are a bit different than all of you because we are a french family, just came back in France after 4 years in Malta. So, strangely we are looking to find expats in France haha ! Like English expats , we need to find a school for our 6 years old daughter who is absolutely bilingual ! Idealy in nice ... she did the test for the publics bilinguals school and she failed ... Yes yes failed ! Unbelievable, really, money money probably there ... very bad to know that from public school ... ( she got more point in English , I tell you ... there is something wrong ... ) So you check about bilingual school. We wanted to register her to abc school, this is our choice about price location etc ... But, the salary are not what we expected in France ... And we ask ourself if 7000€/ year will be not to much ... But for sure the best will be for her to have a bilingual " cp ". Then I checked about private school with some English ( not the level of our daughter , That is the problem ... ) and most of them are full up. The price is only 700€/year, a big big difference .So , I asked myself, which school  English people Choose for there children ? Thank you you ReAly much for you attention . And we are open to meet you and yours kids , to speak English or French

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Has anyone currently got their children at either of these schools ?Interested in your experience....we have a seven and nine year old and maybe moving to Le Rouret.Philip

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Hello! We are looking for a nice and cheerful aupair for our 3 years old! We also have a 6 months old that goes to daycare. We are a french-portuguese family and live in a nice house in Antibes. It can be long term as we are looking for someone to look after him 3 days a week until end of August, and from September after school.You can contact me on melanie.walas@gmail.comLooking forward to hear from you!Melanie

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Hello,I will be homeschooling my teenage son and was wondering if there were other families in the area who have this experience and perhaps already meet up or would be interested in meeting up.

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I m looking for a student girl to speak English with my children (15, 13 and 10 year old) several hours per week. In exchange I can propose a small flat in our house located in Roquefort les Pins near Valbonne and Sophia Antipolis during a period to be determined.RegardsCorinne

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Learning French ! New year meaning new goals ! Dont let your family life stop you from getting your goals in place. I offer french lessons in groups or one on one where you can bring along your baby / child so no reason why not ! My daughter is 17 months old and loves to meet new people ! Come along for a cup of tea / coffee . And choose from the list what you need ! - learning french one on one for a job ? Or day to day life . - need help writing CV and cover letter ? Come along for a few hours and ill explain everything you need to know - help with paperwork ? Carte vital, caf , les impots , creche paperwork, choosing between nounou, creche, chreche collective, nanny, or assitante maternel, inrollement into hospitals, bills .... ect - group of 3 - 5 people to meet people with children and learn together with games and fun situations . . Easy parking easy acces. 5 mins from polygone in cagnes sur mer.

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Hi Anglophiles,This is my first post here: I'm a first time mum to a 5 month-old and would like to get involved with any baby groups in the region, preferably with other English-speakers so I can start my baby's bilingual education off right :)  All suggestions are welcome. Thank you xx

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Does anyone know if the Chocolate Festival in Le Cannet is still on this weekend, or has it been postponed until next weekend due to the weather? Many thanks!

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We need to found a nanny required for 1 to 3 children Permanent position, live out, part-time.English to first language standard essential.  Own car neededPlease contact us !! Phone number : 0243720202By mail : emploi.antibes@o2.fr

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Hello everyone, we are in need of some child friendly English speaking volunteers. We need people for a few hours a week, to help us deliver a play-based therapy and education program to our son who is on the Autism spectrum. The program is expected to reduce and possibly reverse the symptoms of autism. All that is required is a big heart and an enthusiastic and happy attitude...oh and some imagination. We are very exited to try this program with our son, but we need people to help us. It will hopefully be a very rewarding endeavor. Our son is a very calm 27mth old toddler, easy to be around, but needing some extra care. It is not a babysitting job. One or both parents will be around for support and guidance. Many thanks in advance to anyone with the heart to give it a go!

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hello I am looking for any kind of summer school for my 2.5 (3 in august) yo girl in Monaco or nearby.I want her to avoid the indoor time at the Crèche, (which is way "complicated" in July, for Air Conditioning is poison to her), and send her to some outdoor activity group for toddlers.Any suggestions are welcome!Thanks!

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Hello,I am looking for the baby-sitter during friday or saturday evening (21-23h) living closed to Massena - Palais MedIteranee - Negresco.cordiallyAleksandra

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Does anyone have experience of Beaulieu High School. Our son is due to go there next September, but we have no idea what it is like? Any information would be great to hear.

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Hi. As the weather gets colder and we can no longer go to the beach and the parks are chilly, what kind of things are there to do indoors?I know of Royal Kids in Antibes or the aquarium in Monaco, but thats about it. Any suggestions?Thanks and have a great day!

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Hello, Our son is a very playful and easy-going little french boy, now 10 months old, and we are looking for a nanny to take care of him every tuesdays in our apartment, from 8am to 5pm typically.We live in Nice in place de la Libération, and we would like him to hear some english speaking, also we have no place in the nursery on tuesdays.......We need the nanny to be registered in France, in order to write a proper employment contract. Also, if you want to share some time with us and have some french conversation, we would also be happy to !Hope to meet you soon

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