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Hi all! We recently moved from Australia to Antibes for a cultural experience and to learn some French. We have settled our 5 year old in a local maternelle but are finding it hard to find daycare for our 2 year old. Does anyone know the best options for a couple of days a week of French daycare/ or with a nanny?

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I have always had a great passion for elderly people and took the opportunity to be a live-in carer  for  a lady of 85 with fibrosis of the lungs for the last 14 months in France. She passed away at the end of November but this experience has convinced me that I would like to pursue live-in caring,  as my profession .  I am a single person , in good health, with no particular family ties which gives me the opportunity to  be able to do long term live-in care work. I love making life easier and more comfortable for older people.   I will always help the elderly to cross the road , get in or out of a vehicle or put their coat on. My well being depends on me making older people comfortable and happy. I am prepared to undergo any necessary training and  I would be interested in any live-in carer position, but would prefer  long term positions. I have a full valid driver's licence.  I also have  a valid French residence visa until September .  I would prefer to work in Nederland or UK but am prepared to go anywhere in Europe. I would be available to start in a new position immediately . 

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HelloI'm student at the Institut de la photographie www.institutdelaphotographie.fr I'm close to get the diploma and would love to get some more training. I'm looking for volunteers interested in getting family pictures.Here is my portofolio ansoc86.wix.com/ascpictures Anne-Sophieanso_c86@hotmail.com

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Hi, I'm almost 14 weeks pregnant and the gyno has just informed us after my blood test that I have a higher risk in having a baby with genetic disorder.  I heard that one procedure is free and the other we have to pay for but frankly I don't care about the money, I just want to know which procedure is more accurate? I believe that the CVS is done earlier in which case I would probably go for, so is this the one I have to pay for?  Any views on this? Thanks in advance Mel 

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I'm about to apply for British passports for my 2 children born in France (I was born in UK) - should I be concerned that my children are already on my French wife's passport? The Embassy in Paris have asked me to send a copy of their French ID, and as they don't have ID cards, their only official French ID is their Mum's passport. I'm just concerned that they might not want to issue UK passports to people who are already on a French passport. Thanks in advance for any insight on this.

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Help!! My daughter will be starting 6eme at college in September. We have had an offer accepted on a house in Le Bar sur loup, but it is by no means secured yet. Today I received a letter from her current school in Mouans sartoux asking me to confirm where we will be living for the rentree. I don't know what to do, ideally I don't want her to have to move schools mid way through. Thanks!

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Does anyone know what is the best method of getting passport photos for a newborn baby? Is there a company I can send a photo to which will convert it into the 4 miniture photo's needed or does anyone know a photo shop near Valbonne that has the right equipment. Many thanks, Adrian

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We are a French family based in Antibes la Fontonne, near all facilities,  with two boys aged 4 and 8 looking for an Au Pair Gent or Female preferably with good bases of English or english to first language standard. Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday8h15 to 9h or 9h30, taking them to school ( mins walk and light housework9h / 9h30 to 15h free time - French classes15h45 picking up from school, goûter, shower, games. Sometime making them diner. Wednesday:8h15 to 9h or 9h30, taking them to school ( mins walk and light housework9h to 11h free time - 11h30 - 18h picking up from school, lunch, taking them to their activities, shower. One baby sitting per week. Weekends free. Please call us on 06 63 37 91 27 Valerie

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Dear All, Does anyone know a babysitter or nanny in Mougins / Valbonne area? We are a small family of french expat based in Mougins. we are looking for 2/3 hours a week (Wedn-or saturdays ) and during holidays to help develop my little one's skills & confidence in english. She is 5, born in London. also its not a traditional "nannying" job, more of a relaxed english play day, stories, talks, small conversation & creativity.  A CIV student or someone reliable & fun would be perfect. she is already in bilingual school. please feel free to contact me with your experience , thanks a lot & Best regards Anne  

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Hi, Please help me, I've been desperately looking for children´s omega 3 supplements for my 2 1/2 yr. old. Do you know of a supplement that is a chewable and flavored that i can buy here? I saw Dr. Sears has a "Go Fish" brand for kids, and will probably order it online if i cannot find what i am looking for on the cda. Thanks a bunch! Nali

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Hi - Just had a newborn and although French is OK its not up to discussing in-depth medical matters. We miss a lot and I am unable to understand the reason why a problem is happening. For this reason I am looking for an English speaking paediatrician, Preferably in the Valbonne, Mougins, Antibes, Grasse region, does anyone know of a good doctor private or otherwise? Any ideas? Thank you, Adrian

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Does anyone know of a supplier for a childrens slide. There are numerous little ones available. What I am looking for is trough slide without ladder to be fixed to an existing frame, the type seen in municipal play grounds, it should be in GRP or polyester as France calls it. I seem to be able to find them in the USA but not here in France. Any help would be appreciated.T G

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Hi We are a few mums and babies who have been getting together for the last couple of weeks for a chat, cup of tea etc. while the kids play. This week we are meeting at my place near Mandelieu and would like to see if there are any mums in the local area who would like to join us. Our kids range from a few weeks old to about 22 months. Please let me know if you're keen and I will send you the details. CheersJo

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Hi everyone! My husband, toddler (19 months) and I will be moving to Menton in two days and I just wanted to find out whether there are any good English speaking (and for that matter, Spanish speaking) playgroups in the area?Also, are there any good playgrounds/parks in Menton?Thanks in advance for your advice!MF

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How much does one pay an evening babysitter. They won't be required to do very much as the children will already be asleep, they just need to sit. Any ideas on the going rate? Thanks  

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I am going to paris and the hotel which we can stay in does not have a cot for our 12 month old baby. I have a pack and play, very heavy and not really ideal for traveling by plane/taxi/metro etc...w/ luggage and baby. Does anyone have a sleep solution? Does any one have a easy to travel with cot they can lend me? Thank You! I have helped many mothers on anglo info and hope one can help me now. Leslie

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French lad on Riviera needs to practice his spoken English and requires a host English-speaking family living on Riviera with children of similar age, to host him for one week during next holidays. In exchange for fee or for their child to spend week in this French family, in compensation for them to practice their French in return. It is too complicated trying to get a family in the UK and having to fly him over, so I thought a local solution would be ideal. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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Hi I am a woman of 34 years Italian and mother of three boys I'm looking for steady work in a family to Monaco or surroundings take care very well of the children and the house and are very good at cooking

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Hi All, My son is 17, has lived in France all his life and is applying to university.  English university fees are absurd however I heard that Scottish universities are much more reasonable.  Can anyone clarify ?

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Hello, We are looking for a part time nanny to take care of our two children, a 7 years old boy and a 3 years years old girl.  Here is the job description: - days of work: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 4.30 pm to 7.30 pm and Friday from 3.45pm to 6.30 pm - picking up them from school, going to the park, coming back to home and giving them shower, preparing and giving them dinner if you are interested, please send me your resume to Brice.menuti@gmail.com

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