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Hi, We are a family with 4 kids moving from Australia to France (near Grasse) at the beginning of 2016. We will be putting our younger 3 kids into a local French school and wondered if anyone knew if there is a French high school with an English/Bilingual section in that area as we would love our 12yr old to learn French but we don't think he will manage in a purely French school. We would also like to get involved in some sports or local clubs, if anyone knows what sports are played in the area please do let us know. Many thanks Delia

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Hi, I have recently started a French course that is 9-12 Mon to Fri... My almost 3 year old daughter is with a babysitter (who is fabulous!) but we would love for my daughter to have some company! i have struggled with the crèche/nanny system so thought this was a good alternative but unfortunately she has no friends to play with!   If anyone has a child around the same age and is interested please let me know.... We are in Antibes... Cheers, Alice

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Dear all We are looking for an english speaking person (native-level speaker) to look after our 2 kids (9&5, bilinguals) on Wednesdays (11.30AM to 5.30PM approx.) and some school days from 4.30PM to 6.30PM if possible,  starting January 2016. We live in Saint Laurent du Var (06700) near Nice. Thanks. Nicolas

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How is it possible that here in Nice Dogs are allowed into parks where little children play , Every morning on our walk to school there is the ' Dog club ' in the park comprising of about 8/10 dogs and owners ( Nice port area ) , the dogs are freely allowed to run around and obviously doing their buisness in the grassy areas , I personally find this appauling , surely something can and must be done about this , any ideas welcome

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Does anyone know the catchment area for the CIV College in Valbonne/Sophia?  We live in Biot and the closest College is Eganaude, but heard that the International Section is not great there.  So, the CIV is the next best option - but, we will probably have to move house.  Any comments would be brilliant and very helpful.  Thanks ..

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Are there any parents of young kids in SanRemo? We want to De-clutter We plan to Sell and giveaway some stuff outgrown by our two young boys. Is anybody out there using this forum near SanRemo? we have used the riviera site in the past that is much more active I hope to stimulte some Local interest here or on the Liguirian site. Thanks for any feedback.

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Hi there, Has anyone ever sent their kids to the Action Kids Camp in Valbonne at CIV? Is it any good? I am thinking of sending my 5 and 7 year old this coming summer, but just wanted to get second opinion on it as they are so young.. Thanks,  

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Would like to have a christening and would like an English speaking catholic church. Can you recommend one? (contact info is greatly appreciated as well) Thank you in advance!

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Hello,  I am looking for other English-speaking Mums in Nice. My husband, my 3 year old son and I have recently moved here after 15 years in Scotland. I'd love for my son to find some English-speaking friends. Please feel free to send me a message if you'd like to meet.  Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year! :) Tina 

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I've always been confused about this subject. All advice welcome. Included with my household contents insurance I can ask for (free) an 'attestation d'assurance scolaire et extra scolaire' which ensures my children for 'responsabilité civile vie privée' Is this sufficient for school? Does it cover my child if : The teacher accidentally trips him up and he breaks his leg? Another child punches him and he goes to hospital? If my son breaks a window at school? My son hurts another pupil (not that the darling would, of course...) I told them my son is going to have a few ski lessons with an 'association' and they sent me this 'attestation', is it really sufficient?

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Hi Guys, My name is Michelle Chapman and I recently moved from London to Monaco with my husband (hubby got a job here). I am expecting my first child, due in Feb. I would like to meet mums to be or mums with todlers. Maybe for a coffee or afternoon lunch. Unfortunately, no alcohol for me :( . I am a laid back down to earth kind of girl. Love going out for lunch, dinner and now, baby shopping. Please get in touch if you up for meeting up: michelleomilegan@gmail.com  

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Looking for IB English tutor for coursework and help with extended essay. Nice Monaco area

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Looking for IB Biology Tutor Nice Monaco area

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Dear All, I have a nearly 2 year old son and my wife is due mid January. Any advice/hints/ tips on finding a realiable and trustworthy live in Aupair for the Montauroux region would be greatly appreciated please.   thank you

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Just wanted to share a quick note to recommend the group Riviera Mums on Facebook which is a lovely group of expat mums if you need advice/recommendations for ANYTHING and Enfants D'Azur website which has lots of useful info to do with the kids. I wish these were available when I first moved here four years ago!  :)

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Hi we are a family of 5 - kids 13,6 & 2. We would love to know aabout any events happening where we can meet people. We are in Le Cannet.    Thanks   Catherine

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We live in Beaulieu and are looking for, above all, a friendly, fun football club for our six year old to join ASAP. There's not much going on in our village, so I'm hoping to get some first-hand recommendations from between Nice Est and Cap d'Ail. He's completely fluent in French, so language no object. Just trying to find somewhere that exudes fun and games rather than serious technical training which, at his age, I think misses the point! Thanks in advance.

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Hello, I have a 6 month old baby boy and would like to meet new mums. I don't know anybody with babies this age in Nice. It would be so nice to share the experiences over a coffe or a walk. Please don't hesitate to contact me!Ave

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We are looking for a reliable, affordable maths tutor for our daughter who is in Terminale ES at the CIV. Also for our son in 1ere ES at the CIV. We've had some not-so-happy experiences with tutors who didn't show up or just weren't cut for the task. We live near Carrefour Market between Valbonne and Biot. Any recommendations?

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Hi We are moving to the area in 2016 and have visited Mougins school which we liked. Our two children ages 3 and 7 currently are at prep school/ nursery in england and we want to keep disruption to a minimum for them,  particularly for our eldest daughter. We also want to leave the door open to return to the UK system at any time. From this perspective Mougins seems the best option.  Just wondering if anyone else has experience of having young children at Mougins school ? How did they get on with the other children from different nationalities, are the children encouraged to integrate well ? Are your children happy and challenged there ? If you moved recently how did they find the move from a relatively strict UK environment to what feels like a more relaxed international one ?  My children speak English and Spanish but not really any French at the moment.  Any views positive or negative would be very much appreciated.  Kind Regards

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