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Has anyone had to go through a succession in France? And what did it look like? To be more specific, our notaire sent us a document that was just something that he typed up showing the amount from the sale of the family home minus commission for the agent, taxes, and a deduction for the remaining amount of the mortgage (even though there was mortgage insurance!). We have never seen any bank statements, have no idea if there was any life insurance, etc. Normally there are copies of all pertinent documents regarding assets in a succession. Our notaire has beyond unresponsive and we only received this 'succession' paper from him after we contacted the Chambre des Notaires who initiated a mediation. However, the notaire never signed the mediation agreement within the one week time limit, so that has now been dropped. We live in the U.S. so cannot just pop into the office- which was usually the only time I could manage to get any information when I was in France. It has been four and a half  years now... I believe  the time limit to finish a succession is five years. I am thinking of changing notaires at this point. Can anyone recommend a notaire in the 06 area? 

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Hello everybody!I am having a big trouble with my landlady in Nice, France.Have been renting for 2 years. Landlord owes three property, every end of the month offers me to move in to another property, which I am kindly refusing, and keep paying my rent.Few days ago 5th of August landlord beg me to exchange the property, another one is cheaper, and told me that not preparing to sell it, so we can have a contract for a year.We have packed and moved in 2 days which has been a total nightmare.But I have done this favour and now suffering from it. Since last the day  we have moved in, landlord keep telling me that flat has been left untidy. I tried over and over to explain that how could we possibly clean the flat if you were moving in the same time whilst we were moving out and had to load the car. She was totally hysterical. I was ready to pay for the cleaner, she said ok. Then message after message, why sofa is dirty, I said call the dry cleaner and I pay. This morning it started all over again. Please transfer to my account 800euro for cleaner and dry cleaning of the sofa, because cleaner worked for 10 hours and needs to be paid 200euro. I said-fine, send me the bills and I will cover. But she is insisting that I pay her cash or bank transfer without any receipts given. Furthermore, during all day I get messages with blackmail, if I dont pay 800euro she will ask me to leave the apartment in one month time, that she does not wish to have me in the apartment any more. I was trying to be polite, also have terrible stress now from her no stop messages. Finally she gave me 3 months, I replied that I am exhausted from all this and please lets stop this. She got aggressive and said that I should to be thankful. I explained that cant keep moving every month as I have other things to do. I am working hard and have to concentrate on my work, but she would not leave me alone and said that now she changed her mind and giving me just one month,until 7of September. Absolutely ridiculous. I read the tenancy obligations and law in France and know that she can not just make me leave but I am really fed up with her. She makes me feel so bad, every time after her message my blood pressure pops up. I am suffering from various health problems and don't need any additional problems. My solicitor sent her a letter by registered post which she got this morning. As soon as this happened she kept sending me threatening messages which I was not replying. In about 30 minutes she arrived at my address, non-stop pressing the door bell and then opened the door with her own key. Broke in to apartment I rent, with a letter from my solicitor.She was totally hysterical,shouting and abusing me. I was shocked,could say a word,was shaking and crying.She tore the solicitor letter into bits,through it to my face,was threatening me with police. I said: Ok,please call the police.Which she would not. Demanding me to leave the apartment in one month or 7th of September. Regarding contract ,she said that she will state at the Court that I am her friend, just asked for accommodation and now don't want to leave. Totally stupid. So I have broken in with all my belongings and lived in one of her property for over a year,continuously paying rent and edf bills and now the same in second apartment. But the problem is that she would not listen a word. Violence, abuse, harassment, blackmail and threats that her sons are going to come from Serbia on Monday and they will be dealing with me.She does not want to listen or understand that there is a law and she is supposed to respect it and follow the procedure. Finally she left,and within few minutes her son rung me from Serbia, saying that maybe his mother was too emotional, but they need the apartment immediately in order to sell it. Nobody would reply to my question,what was a point to rent it out on the 5th of August and make me move in and next day ask to leave. He has also mentioned that coming specially from Serbia on Monday,and know many people here, so better if I stop going to solicitor and pack up quietly and go.<\p> Forgot to mention,I tried to record a video of her visit,by she tried to approach my phone,so I had to back up,as I was simply scared that she can hit me. I can not imagine fighting with people. So I had to hide the phone in my pocket.<\p> I tried to call the solicitor,but unfortunately today is Saturday,and have only his office phone number. I am really scared for my life,because this people are very unpredictable. I am feeling awfully scared and stressed, went to see my doctor,he registered my condition.I just cant understand why should I be a victim of somebodies madness,spent money,which I am earning hart,for solicitors,and live in fear? I cant do anything,just keep crying and scared,shacking hearing any noice in the hall,or when elevator stops on our floor.If I could have available funds now,I would definately try t find another apartment,but its not possible at the moment.Hate myself for being so undefended. Was adviced previously to go to Adil, but now I am worry to leave the dog alone at home,or leave home at all, as its quite possible she may change the locks. Would anybody advice who can help me to resolve the problem and get it sorted with landlord. I really can not speak with this evil woman, she makes me feel so bad. I suppose it was her trick to move me from the apartment and next day say that she need this apartment where we moved in. Do I have to see the solicitor and waste more money, or there are other options? I highly appreciate any help or advice. Thanks in advance

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How much can I earn in France without being taxed? I file my tax form every year in France and pay nothing. But now I have bought a garage to rent out, and before I set the rent payments, I'd like to know the maximum earning level before the tax rates kick in. Thanks for your help.MDP

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Hi,I plan to submit my retirement file in France, but I have worked in different EU countries. I spent the last 20 years in France and contributed to the pension scheme here.Could anyone advise me a person or organisation who could help me to understand my rights and explain me what i should do Thanks for the helpPeter

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Hello,Having had my QROPS pension value divided by half by a dodgy company in Spain claiming to manage wealth (who have since closed down), I'm now looking for someone (IFA or company direct) who can help me get what's left out of their hands and with a real company.  If anyone has any recommendations please let me know....

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Hello I have just received notice that HSBC are closing my bank account in Nice and have given me no reason for doing this. I have tried calling them but got no explanation on the phone.Has anyone else had any experience of this? From what I have read online I think there is little chance they will reconsider. Also could anyone tell me what other Banks or recommendations I could open a Euro account with. I have a second home in Nice but my permanent residence is in the UK. Thanks for any help or advice

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If you wish to apply for French residency I am been told that one has to show five years french tax returns is this true.

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Does anyone know if household insurance is invalidated by the loss of a key?

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Our Nice apartment suffered a mains water leak last November (so not our fault). The insurance company are about to start to repair the damage (mainly painting, replacing laminate flooring) but are asking for a franchise of 163€ up front, which they say will be re-imbursed when the claim is finalised. Is this correct, should I pay? My neighbour hasn't had to pay anything.

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I am 'officially' domiciled in UK where I have a property, receive my pensions, pay my taxes. I have 2 children, one in France and one in UK and wish them to inherit equally on my death. I have a second residence in France where I own a small property. In fact  I spend more time in France than in UK.I am worried that the french laws might be applicable to my property in UK as they don't have a tax free threshold like in UK and my children would have to pay 20% taxes on it.Has anybody experience on that subject ?  Would appreciate any advice...

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Hello.   Does anyone know someone who can assist me with registering with Orias.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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After 12 great years I have t sell my apartment in Nice Port.Can anyone recommend a  reasonable local  company to carry out the necessary statutory diagnostic tests on the property ?Many thanksCM 

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Our Apartment has damp coming through the wall from next doors shower.I have contacted the syndic, our insurers , next door neighbour and their letting agent.The neighbours letting agent has sent a plumber to visit us, without arranging for their client to be available.I strongly suspect they may be trying to link it to an unrelated incident which does not include me.Whose duty is it to establish the cause of the problem, please. I can see it could involve cost to my neighbour (or their insurers) and is not in their interest to help in any way.Sticking to the only established facts - the wall is damp as confirmed by the plumber who could not find any cause from my apartment for the damage.Thanks

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HelloWe have quite a complicated situation - I am taxed in the UK as all my work is sourced there. I have been officially resident there for last few years, paying my tax and receiving my state pension directly into my UK bank account. My partner is French.  I live part of the time over here, around the allotted 6 months of the year issue -  with my husband who lives here permanently and pays tax here. We were married in the UK 18 years ago, but have never officially legalised the marriage in France - ( first question - do we need to do so with Brexit coming up?). We are planning to move to another part of France this year and live there - so with more and more time spent in France, and although my work is still based in the UK,  I believe I will now have to declare myself as resident here. However, we are very confused about how to go about this, knowing the paperwork is a nightmare, and with the next French tax return coming up - and so on - how to deal with the double tax thing and get everything sorted out.  Basically we need someone who can help us with paperwork and keep it all under one roof!  I have an accountant in the UK, but he doesn't have French contacts.  Arggg - any suggestions?  We don't earn much money,  but of course we are willing to pay a reasonable fee for someone who can do all the necessary to sort it out.Thanks in advance for any help.

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Hello there,Does anyone know how the system works? When I bought a place in the UK, everybody was thrilled if one had a sizeable deposit, no matter where it came from (obviously within the realm of what is legal). I am now looking to buy a place and my parents have offered to give me some cash towards it, however, the mortgage adviser tells me that a French lender would not accept this because these are not "my" savings? One cannot get a gift from a loved one?We then asked whether we could co-own the property, with my parents helping with the deposit, but given they are too old to take out a mortgage (and why would they, if they have money in the bank?!), again this would be unacceptable. Please tell me I misunderstood this?I do have a property to sell back in the UK, which would fulfill the stipulations of the French lender, however, if this takes I while, is the French system likely to wait in the way we do at home?Warmest,Madeleine

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I need to recover money from a syndic that was sent to them by bank transfer in error.  I sold a property and all my obligations to the syndic were discharged with the notaire.  I asked someone else to make a payment to another syndic.  In error, the person paid the wrong syndic, namely the one that was managing my apartment that had already been sold.The syndic has been told countless times that the money was sent to them in error. Instead of returning the money to the sender, it has invented a pretext to keep it.  A member of the conseil syndical has alleged that I left "encombrants" in the bin area.  This is trumped up. I left a month ago anyway, and it is alleged I did it last week.I have emailed members of the conseil syndical.  No reply.  They must have instructed the syndic not to return the money to the sender, but the sender has nothing to do with the bins.  It is her money.  How can she get it back ?  In the UK. it is possible to use the government's online claims service, This is cheap and effective.  Faced with a CCJ (County Court Judgement), the wrongdoer invariably pays up, and has to pay the online court costs.   Is the only alternative to use an "avocat" in France and write letters to threaten court action ? The amount that was sent is 535 Euros.  If the syndic continues to ignore requests to return the money, the avocat's fees will quickly eat up the amount that the syndic owes. The lesson is in France you cannot trust anyone.  No wonder there are avocat offices on nearly every street. The whole country is at war with itself. I was acquainted with members of the conseil syndical for nearly 18 years.  I would never have suspected what they have done. The syndic staff, once polite, now want me off the phone straight away. Yet they are the ones who have committed the theft and should be guilty.

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Can anyone recommend an English speaking Lawyer who deals in property matters. Preferably located between frejus and St Tropez. Thanks

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Looking for a recommenation of an accountant for small business, an SARL, including payroll.

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Hello We have been secondary residents in Antibes for the last 20 years. Until now, we have had a simple bank account with Banque Populaire, no checks, only a Visa Electron each. We tank up the account regularly and pay all recurring payments in France from it. We also use it for shopping etc., when we are in France.Now, BP wants to terminate the account. I guess we don't pay them enough fees etc.Any good suggestions about a new bank? Are there any internet-only banks, which would be interested in us? (We are not interested in having larger amounts in France for longer periods of time). And we are not fiscal residents of France.Thanks in advanceThomas

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Dear All,I would like to propose my specific know-how for free in order to improve my english very quickly... Indeed, if you want to know more about Business Law(Management/Setting up/Purchase) and Accountancy in Monaco, and you are up for giving a couple of hours in english, I would be pleased to help you at anytime by phone or in meetings in Monaco. I'm 38 yo and I was in charge of 30 firms projects management for clients (France/Monaco/London), and I have been working 10 years in Monaco.Feel free to contact me first by email fo any kind of project.Rgds,Raphael

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