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Does anyone know if there is an arbitration cost of making a complaint against our avocat through theBatonnier de L’orde des Avocats?

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Hi !I applied onlune for my carte de sejour, and received an email saying I have to go to the Prefecture at Nice with Photos etc.  But they don't say where at the Prefecture, of course.  And what I do know is that if I go to Acceuil on d-day, by the time I've queued at the desk to know where to go, I will have missed my appointment.  So my question is, does anyone know which office/service you have to go to pick up your Carte de Sejour ?Paul

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Dear All, I am looking for a well informed Notaire on the French Riviera to make a will for expats leaving in France? Can anyone recommend a notaire that is familiar and is used to deal with expats clientele and specifically regarding Wills ? I thank you in advance for your help. Rgds

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I understand if you work in Monaco but are living in France you will pay French tax bur not the social charges as this is paid in Monaco.  What is the happens in the case of capital gains.  Is it French CGT +  social charges or just CGT?A penny for your thoughts on this?

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Hi all,I live in a house share and one of the tenants recently moved out. The landlady says we owe quite a bit of money that she is going to take from our deposits. The main thing she wants us to pay for is to redo the surfaces of the kitchen worktop and table, sand it down, smooth marks, re-varnish wood etc. She says we left marks on the table and that the worktop around the sink is water damaged. The marks on the table are really tiny and I don't even think we caused them but we never noticed them until she pointed them out. Both the worktop and the table are made out of cheap plywood that becomes marked easily. The work top has some water damage just to splashes around the sink.We moved in in September and she pointed it out the marks in November but didn't say we would have to pay until one of the tenants moved out just now. I honestly don't think we could have caused the marks in less than two months. But she says we don't have a leg to stand on because we didn't note them when we moved in if they were there from the beginning. I feel like this is something she does to every batch of tenants she has and never actually fixes it. My question is would this not be considered normal wear and tear from every day use over time? She also wants us to pay more for missing items or marked/damaged. Drinking glasses, tea towels, broken sink stopper, forks, knives, mugs, a bowl etc. which she says comes to €40-€50. I have never lived in an apartment that included so many items like this. Usually furnished just means big furniture and then you have to provide things like cutlery etc. The thing is I moved in a couple days after the others so when I was doing the état des lieux, some of the tea towels, mugs, glasses I saw actually belonged to one of the tenants and he took them when he left. We never counted the cutlery because there is a lot. There are a ton of utensils that we don't use at all in the kitchen. But even if it were caused by us are missing glasses, mugs or bowls not also normal wear and tear? Things break or get chipped, is there no French law regarding normal usage damage?

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Hi -can anyone suggest a decent English speaking house insurer - specifically to cover potential rain damage on my terrace cheers

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I have been living in France since 1998 and I applied for French Nationality in 2019 and I still have not received it.  I recently had an interview at the police station at the end of 2020 which went fine and I am waiting to be called to the Prefecture which I think is the final hurdle. It is taking rather a long time and if I don't have the French nationality soon I will need to apply for a Residents Card because of Brexit but I obviously want to avoid that. I contacted the Prefecture recently and this is the reply I received " Bonjour, Nous sommes dans l'attente de documents que nous avons demandés à différentes administrations et autorités, indispensables à l'instruction de votre dossier. Dès réception de ces derniers, nous vous communiquerons une date pour effectuer l'entretien réglementaire inhérent à votre démarche." Is it normal that it is taking such a long time ?  I am starting to find it stressful. 

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Hi,Anyone knows the cancelation agreement for Mobile and internet box with Monaco Telecom ? I can’t find it anywhere on their website. I don’t believe this is something they share openly. I would like to know my rights of cancelations. As I have cancelled both mobile and internet box because I have moved out. I’ve been told the effect will take place 30 days of cancelation. But months gone and I still continue to be charged, even when I have a confirmed email with them. I would like to know if I can find their cancelation agreement somewhere. Thank you. 

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We have signed a Devis for a local builder and now need to change the start date of the work. Even though we are not cancelling the works the builder wants 20% of the total amount now. Where do I stand? My father is ill and I need to be back and forth to the UK

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I live in the U.K. for the majority of time. My mother is French living in the south of France going back many many generations. Because of Brexit I thought I should get a French passport. I’m over 60. My brother got his 30 years ago with no problem as we fulfil all the criteria. I started the process 3 years ago. Have sent all documentation to Paris and waited for 3/4 months between replies but now I have not heard a word for 10 months. I wrote 3 months ago asking what was happening and no reply. I know Covid is causing all sorts of problems but my mother is very elderly and I want to visit her in France and can’t with my U.K. passport. What can I do?

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Can anyone advise me where to get my credit report in France. Feels impossible to find anything on where to get it. Thanks in advance 

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What does it cost in France to get PACSed? I cannot find the info anywhere?! And does the cost differ from getting married? What's the real difference between the two because I'm having some difficulty understanding this. If anyone already knows or has the experience of both, I would be very grateful to know. Thank you so much, in advance... -Susana

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HiI have a small house that is currently being sold.   Completion expected 19th March.I am not able to travel to France from the UK because of travelling restrictions and need to appoint a power of attorney to assist in the sale.If there is anyone, who has experience in this process, able to give me a quote for this service please?Many thanks.

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Hello, I'm looking to buy a property in Beausoleil and I was wondering if anyone can recommend a mortgage broker?Thank you,Adriana

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Hi, I worked for a Monaco company from July 2000 until Sept 2004 and I'm wondering if I'm eligible for any kind of pension ?

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Hello all, we had a vacation home in France and now we moved here permanently, applied for card Vitale (haven’t got any yet). But since the beginning of this year we want to start paying taxes in France, so where should we go to get a form and fill it? Where we are from there was tax paying office, so everything was simple. Do they have the same in France? We can not find any info on internet.

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Hi there, can anyone assist and tell me if I need to complete this form 2047? My mum paid 20,000 in 2019 to my bank of Scotland account to help me buy a property in France. I live in France. and I am completing a declaration of revenus for 2018 (2042/2042 C PRO)( I know, don't ask. That's another story) I'm confused as to whether it's just the interest you earned on the account that you put on the form 2047. Can anyone advise where this goes on both forms please? A huge thanks in advance

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My wife and I live in Nice , are in our seventies, and thinking of selling our flat through the viager system. Has anyone had any experience, good or bad, of this? Would you recommend it? Hope to hear from you

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Hi there, I'm a micro entrepreneur and I'm really stuck on pg 7 of form 2042 C PRO. BA, BIC, BNC À IMPOSER AUX PRÉLÈVEMENTS SOCIAUXIndiquez le montant net des revenus agricoles, revenus industriels et commerciaux, revenus non commerciaux non soumis aux contributions sociales par les organismes sociaux (URSSAF, MSA...) ainsi que le montant des plus-values professionnelles à long terme exonérées d’impôt sur le revenu en cas de départ à la retraite (art. 151 septies A du code général des impôts). Ces revenus et plus-values seront soumis aux prélèvements sociaux.Les revenus des locations meublées non professionnelles (à l’exception des revenus soumis aux contributions sociales par les organismes sociaux) et les plus-values à long terme, déclarés dans les rubriques précédentes, seront automatiquement soumis aux prélèvements sociaux. Ne les reportez pas ci-dessous.Revenus nets................................................... 5HY  Régimes micro, reportez le montant après abattement forfaitaire. Micro BIC: 71% pour les ventes et assimilées; 50% pour les prestations de services. Micro BNC: 34%. Micro BA: 87%.Plus-values à long terme exonérées départ à la retraite . . . 5HG 5IG A huge thanks in advance, Sharon

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I have just received a tax bill for taxe d'habitation for the year 2020. I was the tenant/locataire in the flat on the 1st Jan 2020, but moved out of the country in February 2020. I stated as such on my tax declaration earlier in the year. Am I liable to pay the full amount or is there a way to avoid this?

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