Anyone know where to go at the Prefecture for the Carte de Sejour?

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Hi !I applied onlune for my carte de sejour, and received an email saying I have to go to the Prefecture at Nice with Photos etc.  But they don't say where at the Prefecture, of course.  And what I do know is that if I go to Acceuil on d-day, by the time I've queued at the desk to know where to go, I will have missed my appointment.  So my question is, does anyone know which office/service you have to go to pick up your Carte de Sejour ?Paul

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Hi Paul,

Print out the email and show it to the various people on front gate/desk and the will show you where to go.

The WA CdS office was about half way down on the left.

When got mine, I went about 30 mins after the start of the appointment and joined everyone in the room in the 'queue' just a bunch of seats.

Good luck!


Paul (another one!)

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Hi Paul,

Thanks for the information!

I'll be there tomorrow morning in the queue :)

Best regards,


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That they was fun...4 hours queueing in the sun....for anyone who has yet to go to the Prefecture, I'd advise you to take some water, and if possible get there very early - the tell EVERYONE to arrive at 9.... I naively thought they'd give staggered times during the day....silly me...

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