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I have been living in France since 1998 and I applied for French Nationality in 2019 and I still have not received it.  I recently had an interview at the police station at the end of 2020 which went fine and I am waiting to be called to the Prefecture which I think is the final hurdle. It is taking rather a long time and if I don't have the French nationality soon I will need to apply for a Residents Card because of Brexit but I obviously want to avoid that. I contacted the Prefecture recently and this is the reply I received " Bonjour, Nous sommes dans l'attente de documents que nous avons demandés à différentes administrations et autorités, indispensables à l'instruction de votre dossier. Dès réception de ces derniers, nous vous communiquerons une date pour effectuer l'entretien réglementaire inhérent à votre démarche." Is it normal that it is taking such a long time ?  I am starting to find it stressful. 

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jessica dellepiane 1616662816


If you depend on the Nice prefecture the average wait is 3 years, I applied in 2017 and received my French Nationality in 2020.

I think it all depends on age and the prefecture, but I am sure from the reply you have received that you are in the queue and its a question of waiting...I know from my personal experience that there is nothing you can do to make it go advice to you is to apply for a Residents card in any event..

Good luck

jpritchard-314666 1616666726

It took one and a half years for my son in the Bouches du Rhone.

thomastraherne 1616668381

How long does it take to have a resident's card ? If I don't get one before October I might be in an awkward situation. I think that I will ask for advice from the Prefecture .

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