Can a foreigner get a French State Pension?

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The EU website seems to say that a foreigner from another EU country, who has contributed the the Pension system in their country, can claim the State Pension in France (under certain conditions). Has anyone here got any knowledge of that process?

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My understanding is this. Your years of contributions in UK count towards French pension. Your years of working in France count towards UK pension.

In the end, your pension is drawn from both countries, both UK and France.

The pension you get from UK is the UK pension prorated according to how many years contribution you did in the UK.

The pension you get from France is the French pension prorated to how many years contributions you make in France.

Say you spent half your working life in UK, and half your working life in France, you'd receive half the UK pension plus half the French pension.

On the other hand, France has a minimum number of years contribution before you get anything at all. For this purpose, you add in the UK years to meet minimum eligibility.

If you never worked in France, you only get the UK pension.

All of this is my understanding I do not know definitively. I am also interested in the topic so if anyone adds more accurate information I am glad to learn more. Particularly, Brexit is likely to make this more complicated. 

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I was told about the EU website's information stating that your contributions in the UK count towards your French pension and vice versa but when I set about claiming my pension here in France (in 2015) I was told by both countries that it wasn't the case. What I ended up with is a pension from the UK, because I worked there for several years and a pension from France, because I worked here for several years. Each country had the necessary information about me on record but they didn't have any information about my work record in the other country. The UK pays my UK pension from the UK and France pays my French pension here. I have also worked in a couple of other EU countries and it was the same story with them. 

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Please could you let me know the website in France regarding pensions. I am in the same situation, I can have a UK pension and worked 6 years in France so need to know how to claim.

Thanks Lynn

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Its mainly frenxh, but there are some english articles.


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