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My 84 year old dad lives in Cannes.  His car's carte gris is in his late wife's name but he has an attestation to say that he is the owner of the car.  He is moving back to the UK and would like to sell the car.  Is the attestation enough to prove the car is his or does he have to change the carte gris?Does anyone know the answer or of any English speaking firm who can advise. Thank you so much Fiona 

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Helene -PEGAZ-960563 1636278195

Dear Fiona, 

If he’s the owner of the car from than 3 months, he should change the carte grise document before selling it. He also has to pass technical control for the car. I am a self employed consultant and provide French assistance for foreign people for that kind of issues. If you are interested by a full assistance for you father to prepare documents and sell the car, please email me at If you need other information don’t hesitate too. You can also find my provided services on my website

Kind regards,


Fiona-Holroyd-1014533 1636306353

Thank you Helene.  I have sent you an email.

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