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Hi, I’ve signed the compromise de vente, but due to I some banking restrictions I’m late with paying the deposit. The seller says he’ll sell to someone else. It’s after the 10 day cooling off period and my money is being held whilst they check source of funds. Can the seller sell to someone else? Is the Compromis dependent on the deposit?Thanks

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Dear Fred-Astaire !!

If you have signed a compromis it means that you have promised to buy and the seller has promised to sell....its not normal to sign a compromise without the deposit already being banked at the "caisse des impots/notaires designated account" this step seems to have been unusually overlooked, the seller can in actual fact sue you for the deposit payment..but he can not find another buyer until the compromise has expired which will be the date set for the FInal act written in the compromis...

Saying this as a professional I would need to see the compromise that you have signed in order to give you the best efficient advice....for which I charge !!!

I am assuming you have no agent involved in your deal ?

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