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We have signed a Devis for a local builder and now need to change the start date of the work. Even though we are not cancelling the works the builder wants 20% of the total amount now. Where do I stand? My father is ill and I need to be back and forth to the UK

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jessica dellepiane 1615452612

HI Julia


it will depend on the contract, ie if you have signed the devis
(which is a contract), then you are contractually obliged to use the builder
unless you cancel within 30 days of signing his devis. If you are outside of
the 30 days then yes he would want to start his planning and would ask for 20%
on account.

Many people use devis to try to barter with another company for
a better price, it costs time and energy to make a devis so if you have a new
fixed start date it’s a good idea to send him a LR to let him know the new date
at which time you can then send the 20%

If you are not here and you need a co coordinator to look after the
works, I am specialized in this field and could help, depends where your
property is. 


You can contact me privately at

Lovesun 1616188410

This is normal practice in France, nothing unusual. You signed smth you pay

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