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What happend to JP Contruction? We got just left alone today in the middle of the work of JP Contruction. We don't know anything - do you have any news about that?

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Tunde-248453 1385067259

bankruptcy? problems? We cannot reach anybody from the company. PLEASE HELP, we are desperate. We have lots a lots of money!!! What are the legal steps in France? What can we do?

eurokiné-187861 1385105474

if you have their "numero siret" which should be marked on their devis or bills you can go on and check their administrative status (ie if they ve gon bankrupt officially or whatever)

Feel for you as have suffered in the past from the same sort of situation. (& never did get our money back just to cheer you up ;-/)

Best of luck

silbern adler 1385135796

If you have a problem, involving loosing money, fraud, etc then report it to the police in Monaco. I assume they will not ignore if a Monaco based company and individual is not following the law. 

Or/and go to his address and wait for him.

It is public information that In the past few yearsJohn Olsen had two other construction companies, JO Construction, and JO Construction 2010, both are liquidated.... 

ann-max-195789 1385142429

Isn't this the company that has been advertising on riviera radio? Maybe you can contact them.

jiholl 1385284154

Another of Mr. John Olsen's enterprises, NRJ-Solair France went bankrupt in 2010.....

I hope you can get some of your money back

silbern adler 1385285206


Did you manage to find/contact John Olsen?

Be aware your legal steps need to be taken in Monaco, which is better as they are more likely to act.

Good luck

Tunde-248453 1385389261

Many-many thansk to everybody contributing to this topic. We are still looking for the owners of the company. What actually worries us is the situation of our house: they put our house into danger, the house is now standing next a "cliff" which can move anytiime the rain starts to fall. Nobody knows about the situation of JP.

I think the next step will be the police.

If you are in the same situation, get in touch with us.


alsyfra-307908 1385408712


Contact your insurance company, they should be able to find out (or point you in the right direction)  if JP Construction had "Assurance Decenniale" if so, it may be possible to to bring in another building team and JP Construction's Assurance company should cover the cost. The Assurance company  may even assign you another team to complete the JP Construction contract.


trae1107 1385455225

Totally agree with previous posting. It's a good place to start. I would also contact the MC police with a complaint against an MC company...

Tunde-248453 1385557792

Thanks to AngloInfo that we have this forum and we can talk about this company openly. Please write to me privately too, I would like to read your messages as an e-mail. Thanks!

Cote-Fashion 1385559752

Do you not have a copy of their Assurance Decenniale? That's where I would start along with your home-owner insurance.

This sort of situation will always happen here in France. You see it everywhere; snacks, cleaning services, construction companies. That 3rd year URRSAF charge kills many busineses.

Tunde-248453 1385582861

hi everybody, it's hard to keep a track ...

we invited a huissier and she told us not to bother with the insurance since they don't do anything, they are only responsible for the mistakes after the work. We phoned the insurance and they said the same. Our own insurance does not do anything ... time for a change there as well. We are a step further but still away to get back our money.

It's frustrating to know that it is within the legal frame what can happen to one. How can I know that it won't happen again? How can I guard against this happening again?

Tunde-248453 1385628940

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us! Get a Huissier for constating the last status of the building site and to get out of the contract. They could get back and tell you that you owe them money because they have finished the work. You should as well send them an AR letter with the subject "mettre en demeure pour reprise de chantier " -> check some templets out on the internet. This are the legal steps we got told.

1) AR Letter

2) Huissier

3) Lawyer -> Judge -> getting out of the contract

4) getting the work done by a different company


Hope I could help everybody in the same situation.


Admin-179828 1385655125

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ElsaCobson 1386271567

Hi,your post caught my eye. To be honest, I know someone who knows a little bit more about what happened to the above-mentioned company, if you're interested, give him a call 06 13 07 58 44

robert.hempleman 1386317547

Please do get an independent estimate of the value of the work that has been done. Many years ago this happened to us in northern france. 2 years after the company went bust we were chased for 10k for work carried out by the hussier. We produced the estimate and a counter demand and never heard again, BUT without that estimate we would have been liable. 

Tunde-248453 1386320447

thanks Robert! We had the Huissier arround, next step Experties team.


Cote-Fashion 1386365148

I do not know if this was a planned bankruptcy, but it happens, and there is little chance you will get any money back. Other creditors with more expensive lawyers will come first. Look at Detroit. People who have worked there 20+ years (police, teachers) are taking a back seat to "new" creditors on their pensions.

In the end, you will spend more money to "convict" or "refund" your money and then if it happens,  it will be "cents" on the Euro.

silverdolphin 1386610672

I engaged JO Construction (John Olsen the proprietor) in 2009 to carry out a major renovation to our villa in France, which they never completed despite significant upfront payments being made.

My site and another nearby, were both abandoned by JO Construction in December 2009 under very similar circumstances.

JO Construction were put into liquidation in April 2010 and a new company, JO Construction 2010 was set up soon after. It appears the same company truck was used, even with the same livery and markings, as though nothing had happened!!

We lost a LOT of money. So much so, we had to give up our dream of living in France and were forced to return to the UK.

We have had a nightmare completing the work, due to the hit on our finances and the state the property was left in by JO Construction.

I now see JO Construction 2010 and then Mr Olsen's next company JP Construction have been bankrupted as well. Three companies bankrupted in the space of 4 years?!

I am in the middle of legal proceedings involving JO Construction (in liquidation) so can't say much more on this forum.

You may or may not know, that the publication "Monaco Life" recently had an article stating JP Construction are currently under investigation by the Monegasque government.

If you wish to contact me directly, I will help you in any way I can.


silbern adler 1386695905

More news , Thank you and bravo to Monaco life.

hixuk 1386769294

Helo Elsa  - we have tried calling that no you mentioned in your post about JP Construction but it seems like it is a wrong number as the recipient claims to know nothing. Would you check it is the correct no - perhaps it is someone who does not want to discuss Olsen/JP ? Thanks.

hixuk 1386873521

For those interested, there is a post on Riviera Reporter which indicates that the Monaco police are now involved and giving contact details for the officer concerned.

Tunde-248453 1386920789

!!!! Victims !!!

Please get in touch with M Garcia who can be contacted for an appointment on +377 93 15 32 59. He is based at the main police station at 9 Rue Suffren Raymond, in Monaco and he wants to see the victims of this case!

We got one step further!      

azurbusinessangel 1386965711

Directors of UK companies that have filed for bankruptcy have certain restrictions applied for 12 months after being made bankrupt.  They are not permitted to:

  • act as a director of a company

  • create, manage or promote a company without the court’s permission

  • manage a business with a different name without telling people they do business with that they are bankrupt

It is a criminal offence to break the restrictions.  Does Monaco have any similar restrictions that might apply in this case?

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