Landlady says she is going to take €150 from our deposit to redo surfaces of worktop and table. Normal wear and tear?

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Hi all,I live in a house share and one of the tenants recently moved out. The landlady says we owe quite a bit of money that she is going to take from our deposits. The main thing she wants us to pay for is to redo the surfaces of the kitchen worktop and table, sand it down, smooth marks, re-varnish wood etc. She says we left marks on the table and that the worktop around the sink is water damaged. The marks on the table are really tiny and I don't even think we caused them but we never noticed them until she pointed them out. Both the worktop and the table are made out of cheap plywood that becomes marked easily. The work top has some water damage just to splashes around the sink.We moved in in September and she pointed it out the marks in November but didn't say we would have to pay until one of the tenants moved out just now. I honestly don't think we could have caused the marks in less than two months. But she says we don't have a leg to stand on because we didn't note them when we moved in if they were there from the beginning. I feel like this is something she does to every batch of tenants she has and never actually fixes it. My question is would this not be considered normal wear and tear from every day use over time? She also wants us to pay more for missing items or marked/damaged. Drinking glasses, tea towels, broken sink stopper, forks, knives, mugs, a bowl etc. which she says comes to €40-€50. I have never lived in an apartment that included so many items like this. Usually furnished just means big furniture and then you have to provide things like cutlery etc. The thing is I moved in a couple days after the others so when I was doing the état des lieux, some of the tea towels, mugs, glasses I saw actually belonged to one of the tenants and he took them when he left. We never counted the cutlery because there is a lot. There are a ton of utensils that we don't use at all in the kitchen. But even if it were caused by us are missing glasses, mugs or bowls not also normal wear and tear? Things break or get chipped, is there no French law regarding normal usage damage?

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On Facebook, there's landlords and tenants in France. You'll likely get a knowledgeable response from this group. 

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