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Hello i am not from France  I started to live here for a while now. Anyhow marginal info, thing i want to know is can i buy something here from leboncoin and protect myself from being scammed? I am afraid that people who will send this item that i want to buy could be broken or out of fuction. What to do if this happen ? Can i sue them or return item? Witch post should i use ? 

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Hi There. 

My name is Ben, i'm french and i've been buying and selling stuff on le Bon Coin for quite some time now. But I have to say that everything is possible on these sorts of websites, it's quite tricky to smell the scam to be honest. if you do get scammed , i'm afraid there isn't much you can do, no point writting a complaint to le bon coin admin for exemple, they are not responsible . They're just a platform to put a seller and a buyer in contact. And filing a complaint to the local authorithies is a waste of time... 

Do you want to buy something that need to be sent? How far is the seller? Is it something expensive?  Because it's easier and "less risky" to see the seller face to face. Otherwise the seller as a notation on his "le bon coin profile" wich is always a good thing to check. You will see what other buyers think of him, if he's reliable and how long he's been selling stuff on le Bon coin....Or just the way the add is written, usually if there too many spelling mistakes it's not a great sign...

The local post office is the cheapest and easiest way to send items all over france. 

Bear in mind that millions of items are bought and sold everyday on le Bon Coin and there is probably a chance that things go wrong but in my experience most of the time things go well. You just have to be a bit carefull. 

If you need me to take a look at these adds for you, i'll be happy to tell you what i think of them . Benjamin

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