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Hello,Having had my QROPS pension value divided by half by a dodgy company in Spain claiming to manage wealth (who have since closed down), I'm now looking for someone (IFA or company direct) who can help me get what's left out of their hands and with a real company.  If anyone has any recommendations please let me know....

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There was a company cold-calling from Spain which was looking for full time marketing staff in France to go to people's homes in France and persuade owners to hand over their pensions.  I asked the recruiter questions about the performance of the pensions invested, and how many pensions they were managing. From the responses, it was quite clear to me it was set up as a fraud right from the start. It was stated the pensions are regulated by Cyprus. But Cyprus has no funds to rescue firms in distress and compensate victims.  The company was just looking to dupe as many people as they could and do a runner with their lifetime savings.    Please, only invest with a reputable company, and one regulated by the FCA in London.  You could look at their website which lists dodgy firms.

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It would be well worth contacting Tony Hetherington who writes a weekly page in the Mail on Sunday on scam artists.  He is keeping tabs on them and may already have had similar complaints about the same conmen who have stolen your pension.  Give him as much information as possible and he may be able to identify the culprits.

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Hi 'quiet apartment' 2 years later and I've just read your replies!  I'm still battling on, but once your pension value is down to peanuts there are very few people out there who'll help.  If there are any other CWM victims out there if you fancy meeting up and discussing possible ways forward, or even sharing a sorrow drowning session, please drop me a line!

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