Monaco Telecom mobile and internet box agreement

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Hi,Anyone knows the cancelation agreement for Mobile and internet box with Monaco Telecom ? I can’t find it anywhere on their website. I don’t believe this is something they share openly. I would like to know my rights of cancelations. As I have cancelled both mobile and internet box because I have moved out. I’ve been told the effect will take place 30 days of cancelation. But months gone and I still continue to be charged, even when I have a confirmed email with them. I would like to know if I can find their cancelation agreement somewhere. Thank you. 

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Leblina 1616065902

i have always found them very easy to work with, can you not call them?  you need to take the box down to them and then they do it the same day.

jessi-883586 1616066918

Thanks Leblina for your answer. I have in fact phoned them several of times and they are promptly and professionally answers. Each time they say that everything has been cancelled and the apologies for the error or charging me and refund me. It’s been like this every month. Now I spoke with the manger and he looked further into my case. With another sincere apology from them and a promise of a refund. I just think the people working with this just lack substantial training. I think the employees don’t know what they’re doing. 

Lovesun 1616188106

My sincere advice to you - go to your bank NOW and inform them u have been charged illegally , cancel your rib and your bank will return your money for you. I had the same problem with SFR. I undersrood that they all are croocks in that country called France and if you do not take matters in your own hands nothing will happen. Also another secret for you - do NOT give internet provider your rib and permission to unlimited charge. When you get new internet provider put your foot down that they charge you monthly. All internet providors in france are shameless criminals, read reviews on them. They promise you moon and stars and everything is fixed but no. Nothing ever is unless u take matters in your hands

jessi-883586 1616192574

Thank you lovesun for the great advice. You’re so right about these companies in France. I have in the past gone directly to my bank and cancelled the rib. But this is difficult to do as I have moved from the country and can’t or won’t be able to travel. Banks in France are not easy either to deal with over the phone. Won’t take a phone call in English. Almost every experience I had in France with French companies was that they are shamelessly crooked. They target specially working emigrants and tourists. And above all if they can’t speak their language. One for certain will be used and scammed by them. I won’t be visiting or even driving through France any time soon or later. That’s the legacy they left behind. 

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