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I live in the U.K. for the majority of time. My mother is French living in the south of France going back many many generations. Because of Brexit I thought I should get a French passport. I’m over 60. My brother got his 30 years ago with no problem as we fulfil all the criteria. I started the process 3 years ago. Have sent all documentation to Paris and waited for 3/4 months between replies but now I have not heard a word for 10 months. I wrote 3 months ago asking what was happening and no reply. I know Covid is causing all sorts of problems but my mother is very elderly and I want to visit her in France and can’t with my U.K. passport. What can I do?

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Looks like you lost all your human rights and voluntaty gave it away. Does it reminds you Gestapo time ?  That was the Plan. Just buy a ticket and go to see your mother . You might regret if you don't do it.

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