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Hi, I worked for a Monaco company from July 2000 until Sept 2004 and I'm wondering if I'm eligible for any kind of pension ?

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Reveuse-918439 1441715223

Did you/your employer pay pension contributions?

eurokiné-187861 1441717781

If you had a monaco social security number at the time you can get in touch with the Caisse Sociale de Monaco, quote that number and find out what if anything you are entitled to.

You may get a summary sent to you (if they have a correct contact address) when you turn 55

WillMan-233283 1441717948

Thanks I will check that out.

Neal-265381 1598300472

Hi WillMan,

I am in a similar situation and wondering if you ever made any progress?



Bob-852186 1599118088

As far as I know there is no pension transfer from Monaco and you have to work for at least 10 years in Monaco in order to be eligible for a pension and then, when you have reached 65 years (?) of age you must apply for it in Monaco. The pension will then be wired to wherever you are.

smndvdbldwn 1613038521

I believe if you worked for less than 10 years, you get your employee contributions back in a lump sum when you reach retirement age. Your best bet though is to contact CCSS and ask them. 

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