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I am the owner of a studio on rue Lafontaine that I inherited from my mother. I live in New York. For years she had a contract with Agence Soleil, which handled rentals of the apartment. Their business model was to rent only to people who came to town for trade shows, conventions, and the film festival. That meant a responsible clientele and short-term rentals. Agence Soleil exited the rental business, selling it to Agence ABC. Brigitte Blaizot was the agent who oversaw my studio. Things started out well. Then I heard after the fact a bizarre story, which I heard secondhand and was told to me after the fact, in which my apartment was trashed and my mother's furniture walked out the door. I soon took my business elsewhere, without complaint from Agence ABC. I wrongly accepted the recommendation of 4G Production by Madame Blaizot, who was not psychologically well at the time, as there were police investigations into what had happened under her watch. I signed a three-year contract with 4G, which was never renewed. 4G Production has proven no better than Madame Blaizot. Twice, police have been called to my studio to break up fights. The co-op property manager told me my fellow co-propriétaires live in fear and the occupants of the studio receive late-night visitors. I have alienated my fellow residents and conceivably be forced to sell the property. Clearly they will rent to anyone who comes off the street. When I complained about the quality of the tenants, they were offended. A few weeks ago, I received an email from a tribunal in Grasse, inviting me to a hearing there. It seems that Madame Blaizot took advantage of my absence and rented out my apartment without my knowledge or that of her agency and pocketed the ill-gotten gains. I am invited, along with 15 other parties, to make the case for damages incurred on January 25 at the hearing. I plan to spend a week in Cannes and as I have found a responsible realtor who rents only to people attending the events described above, Cannes Concierge, I intended to replace 4G Production. The proprietor of Cannes Concierge offered to stop by my studio to see what it needs to bring it up to standard. I never replaced my mother's stolen furniture, and under his management, I would be agreeable to investing in new items. I wrote to 4G Production and asked that the proprietor be given keys to inspect my apartment. 4G refused, saying I was under contract to them and it did not have to comply. I explained that there was no contract and that the three-year contract had long since expired. To this, they responded that the contract was automatically renewable for a period of three years. Is this in fact, the case? Do I have no recourse? What is the point of a time-limited contract if it may be renewed automatically? Must they at least give notice every three years. They have never said a word to me about renewal, and when I departed Agence ABC in the wake of the Blaizot fiasco they said nothing about my being under a renewable contract. Should hire a lawyer? Have they breached the contract by twice having had their tenants require the intervention of the police? Is there some sort of Better Business Bureau where I may lodge a complaint, or if I have no legal recourse, is that a futile gesture? Perhaps I should sell. The studio has become an albatross around my neck. Michael Goodman

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If it has become an albatross the simple answer is to sell it frankly as it will continue to be a worry

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Court proceedings are extremely expensive in France and take years 

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Thank you both for your comments. As it turns out, I have found a lawyer who tells me it will be easy to send thee current realtor packing. By introducing tenants who engage in fisticuffs in my apartment, he has breached the contract we signed. We need only a letter from the property manager of the co-op that testifies to the two bagarres and states that my fellow co-propriétaires are fearful.

As to attending the hearing for damages incurred at the hands of the prior realtor, I am advised it is is not worth the time and effort. The agent who committed fraud by renting my studio—and those of many others without my knowledge or that of her employer is not likely to have the wherewithal to pay us.

Once freed from the grip of the present realtor, I am not sure what I will do. A friend has said a group of us can band together and in effect work out timeshares. If this is feasible, the advantage would be to take the apartment of the hands of realtors altogether. After two awful experiences, that sounds quite good to me.

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Both comments you received is from the same person ;) 

Good that you have talked it over with a lawyer. It all sounds horrible. As a landlord with several properties, I can relate. I too have properties I don’t want to sell. If selling isn’t an option, try to manage the rental yourself somehow, timeshare etc. I believe you can terminate any contract. Either due to neglect, Force majeur or claiming you need the apartment as residence. Then wait a couple of months and start renting it out again the way you want. Maybe go with an international company or look into long term rental, one and one year (furnished), renewable contract. Maybe also consider not renting it out for a while, if your economy allows it, just to get a break from it all. I have done that and it has helped a lot (not owning in France though). Wishing you all the best and keep the forum updated if you can, as this is not an uncommon situation in general for landlords (and property managers).

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