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Hi, I wonder if anyone can recommend a notaire in Nice who would be willing to help me with drawing up wills for my wife and me? Our solicitor in UK has advised me that before Brexit, our UK wills covered all our assets including our property and bank account in France. It now seems that we need separate wills in France, which will enable these to be included in the terms of our UK wills.Any help gratefully received! I’ve emailed two English speaking notaires in Nice (including the one who handled our property purchase in 2019), but have received no reply.

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Tony Brooking 1629361791

Hi Steven,

This lady is good :

Catherine FERAUD


22, avenue Notre Dame  - 06000 NICE

Tél.  +33 (0)4 93 13 68 68  -  Fax.  +33 (0)4 93 13 68 99

e-mail. catherine.feraud@notaires.fr

site web : www.flbl-notaires.fr



Steven-McKinstry-945426 1629361976

Thank you Tony I will contact her. Very convenient in fact as our apartment is nearby! Much appreciated, Steven

Steven-McKinstry-945426 1631173612

Hi Tony, I visited the office of thie notaire in Nice last week, and I was told by the very nice lady at reception that the notaire would contact me by phone that afternoon. 

Unfortunately, just like all the other notaires I have contacted, no reply has been forthcoming. 

I understand from friends resident in France that it is now virtually impossible to find a notaire who is willing to do this work. Something to do with the government capping the fee.

So I’m just thanking you again for your help, and I’m putting this out there for the benefit of others who may be in a similar position. I am now looking at writing my own will, which I believe is possible.  Cheers Steven

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