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Hi all! So nice to have found this group. We're in Tourrettes-sur-loup and I've been told that Casino and Leclerc both deliver to our area. I'm worried that I'm going to get caught out trying to use the service because I'll assume it's like the very easy process in the UK. I'd be really grateful for any advice, if anyone has had experience of either of them. Particularly I'm wondering about three things:what sort of delivery slot you get - is it an hour like it is in England or more the "we may come sometime in the morning if you're lucky"?are you able to go back and edit the order if you realise you've forgotten something or does it all have to be perfect when you first place it?do they deliver in bags or do I need to unpack from their crates at the door?And anything else that I haven't even thought to ask about that might turn out to be a nasty surprise...Thanks so much,Catherine

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Cagal 1652431653

Hi. We have used Carrefour for several years.

They have a new feature; if yoy forget to order something you will get it on the same order as long as you add it within 30 min. Carrefour delivers in small and big bags, no need to unpack. You order a slot of 2 hours, ie between 10-12, and date. They will call you when they are about 5 min away, this you can also add in the comment section. And you can track the order. Can also recommend Uber eats as you can order groceries there oto, a little bit pricier but tyhey will turn up in 20 mintes. Carrefour, Casino and Leclerc are pretty similiar online.

You can not change delivery time but you can cancel up to at least the same day. Also easy to ask for remboursment if something is spoiled etc. You should have no problem setting up an account even with minimal French. 

Also, mind you that we have not been able to use anything other than FRENCH bankcards. This also goes for Paypal, even if you can now pay by paypal you still need a French bank card attached to your paypal account, if you don't have Paypal balance. ON uber eats you can use any card. For us at least, it is a hassle as it means we would have to transfer from our original non-french accounts which cost more and take more time. Hope this helps.

Catherine 1652438198

Cagal, that's incredibly helpful. Thank you so much!

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