Where to buy cheap (natural) nuts in/around Nice?

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I once met a man on a flight from Nice who told me of a store that sells cheap natural (non-salted, non-seasoned) nuts. This news made my month: I eat nuts all the time, and they are 2-3x as expensive in Nice as I'm used to in the UK.Later my phone, where I'd recorded the store name, magically disappeared the note. Quelle tristesse !Does anyone know where to find such a store? 

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Have you tried one of the Naturalia bio stores?

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Nuts and nut butter and nut products are disturbingly expensive here.  I often buy hazelnuts from Piemonte in Ventimiglia market and contact the companies directly.  Biocoop and also the Bio shop under the Place dÁrmes in MC have very nice almonds but check the origin -- Italian are best.  Bio shops are your best bet, or hit amazon.co.uk and see who ships to France.

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