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I am looking for a catering company for a christening in May, does anyone have recommendations for something simple but original?

started by: Sophie-Johnson-883729 · last update: 1486593616 · posted: 1483452138

Hello fellow expats. I am new to the area and looking for vegan restaurants. Does anyone know of any? We live in Nice, but I am willing to travel for vegan!Thanks in advance for your help :)

started by: jonjon-274087 · last update: 1480515211 · posted: 1477993277

I would like to launch a cold brew coffee product on the Cote d'Azur and am looking to collaborate with a freelance Production Manager specialising in the food and beverage industry. The person needs to be aware of the French regulations on health/safety, labelling, etc.

started by: BeckyD · last update: 1479811483 · posted: 1479713189

Hi. I'm wondering if anyone knows of any Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners planned for the Cannes-Monaco area? I think Stars N Bars does something for both, right? Anywhere else?Looking to hang out with English speakers. Thanks for your help. Cheers,BeckyD

started by: sarahelizabeth · last update: 1478941384 · posted: 1475740671

Hi Everyone, My boyfriend and I took a course in making sushi and we really want to try to prepare it on our own at home. I'm aware of some of the asian supermarkets between Monaco and Nice however most of the products they sell are for indian cooking and or chinese sauces. We are specifically looking for a japanese store where they sell sticky rice, seaweed, wasabi powder etc. If anyone has any clue where we could find a supermarket in Nice I would appreciate your advice! Thanks!! :) 

started by: jonjon-274087 · last update: 1478338429 · posted: 1478337215

Hi All,Utah Coffee Company www.utahcoffeecompany.com is launching soon in the Cote d'Azur, Antibes offering Cold Brew Coffee in 250ml bottle and Nitro version served on tap.They'll be roasting their own coffee with a Probat roaster in the future and selling coffee beans, products and cold brew in a hip and trendy coffee shop.Anyone think this is a good idea? 

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I am looking for a place in Nice to buy affordable, natural nuts (unsalted & unroasted) - cashews, almonds, walnuts, etc. High street stores sell them about 3x the price found in the UK & I need to buy quite a lot of them. Does anyone know a local store that sells for better value?Also - anyone know where one can buy Marmite in Nice?Thanks folks!

started by: toots61-223774 · last update: 1474978950 · posted: 1467612542

Does anyone know where you can buy salt beef in the Cannes and surrounding area?

started by: runningchick · last update: 1474114956 · posted: 1462208275

Can anyone recommend a mobile burger van or anything similar for a party in the Valbonne area please? Thanks

started by: swampy-205690 · last update: 1462891730 · posted: 1462807608

Can anyone tell me where I can buy frozen broad beans 

started by: Kimrichstokes · last update: 1459698240 · posted: 1459284459

Hello everyone,  Does anyone know a place where we can buy tin foil food containers? The kind that you get from a take away with the cardboard lids.  Would like a few for for freezing pre-cooked food from batch cooking. Thanks guys.

started by: Ella-Darlington-854435 · last update: 1459339865 · posted: 1459275614

Hey! Does anyone know where you can buy papaya here??? Can't find it anywhere and its my absolute favorite! Thank you! :)

started by: Ralph B Gray · last update: 1458874941 · posted: 1455964927

Hi, we are planning a big party this spring. We would like someone to provide BBQ brisket, ribs, pulled pork and all the fixings. Does anyone know of someone with a smoker that does this? We are trying to have an authentic BBQ and are struggling to find someone to do this. Is BBQ something thats done here? Please let us know.........

started by: filth68 · last update: 1458309859 · posted: 1148920331

I cant seem to remember the name of the Moroccan restaurant in Valbonne, anyone with a better memory than me out there?

started by: michaelandkate · last update: 1458057145 · posted: 1096445298

Have seen this mentioned several times on AI, but cant seem to find any details. Can someone let me know the phone number, and maybe some directions from Cannes? Also is it any good? Thanks.

started by: Daniel H · last update: 1457727320 · posted: 1457727320

Authentic Mexican experience with flautas and the like wanted. Is there anything like that in Antibes or is it all Tex-Mex? Thanks!

started by: Jack01-10066686 · last update: 1456753929 · posted: 1456644655

Apologies if this a stupid question (and I'm fearing that it is!).   My husband and I love cooking.  We are moving to the area shortly, and a few people have told me that is very hard to get hold of certain spices in France (specifically chinese, thai and indian spices). I'm not sure if i believe this, but I don't want to bring spices half way around the world to find them in the local supermarket! Again, apoloigies if this is a stupid question!!  

started by: maisonmaison · last update: 1456348505 · posted: 1456258517

can anyone reccommend a bio farm that sells in nice markets   thank you

started by: anthony hutchinson · last update: 1455111719 · posted: 1455111719

looking for a stainless steel 20 - 30 litre jam pan. does anyone know of a shop in the PACA region selling second hand kitchen equipment? thanks, tony hutchinson

started by: thomastraherne · last update: 1449421080 · posted: 1449338097

I am looking for a shop in Nice which sells Christmas Puddings or Mince Pies. I don't want to go to Antibes and I can probably find a pudding at Cap 3000 but I seem to remember that they a quite expensive there.

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