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Hiya, Can anyone tell me the address or the name of the town La Chaumiere is in? I think its either Eze, Villefrance or La Turbie but the PJ and L'Anuuaire have come up blank. I have their phone number (0493017768) and i have tried to call them but they are closed hence i cant get any info. Anyone got an idea? Max

started by: Sydneysider-189602 · last update: 1063273011 · posted: 1063072303

If so what is the french translationcjn

started by: Jennylo · last update: 1062810143 · posted: 1062694980

Have won a voucher of 50 euros from Riviera Radio for the Smaila and Rocky restaurant in the Cap d'Ail. Has anybody been there before? If so, would be interested in average menu price and dress code. Can anyone help? 

started by: miajl · last update: 1062686267 · posted: 1062686267

Aside from those mentioned in the Angloinfo list, are there any cooking classes in English offered between Menton to Cannes?  I am interested in hands-on type of lessons of any cuisine. Thanks for any suggestions! Mia

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Can anyone tell me where to buy Japanese ingredients?  The stuff I find are mostly for sushi making.  What about Panko, Mirin, Dashi, etc? Thanks! Maria

started by: Alban-188664 · last update: 1061506824 · posted: 1061380438

I need to take american friends to an excellent fish food in Nice : do you know any I can take them in full confidence ? Thanks for your answers Alban

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No I am afraid that I don't know one but am looking for one. We use to go quite often to the Pré du Brusc in Châteauneuf de Grasse: It was good value, family friendly (big tables and place to run outside), and it prepared real provançal fare in a provençal surrounding (old stone building in a beautiful setting). Alas it closed down last year and all I see around these days are posh nosh or crampted little places where they allow smoking 50 cms from anywhere you sit. So does anyone want to share a secret? within say 50 kms of Le Rouret: preferably in the middle of a field not in the middle of a town.

started by: Eric318 · last update: 1059157538 · posted: 1051977096

Does anybody know of such places? At a time when the UK government is finalising a bill to ban smoking from cafés and restaurants, I cannot wait to also find places in the sun where food fun and friends can be enjoyed without the stench of cigarette smoke. French law (1992 I think) made it compulsory for all food and drink consumption outlets to have separate smoking and non-smoking sections... I supposed nobody ever noticed. (Now before you smokers get at my throat, I would not dream of reducing your freedom to smoke: this leaves me rather indifferent, your money, your lungs. I am just looking forward to the days where the likes of me have the freedom to NOT smoke!)

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I used to buy Chenet ,rose and rouge in Carrefour and they have stopped stocking it. Can anyone help and tell me where i could buy two cases at a time of each sort. Regards. David Bell.

started by: Erica H · last update: 1057854911 · posted: 1057503931

I would be very grateful if anyone could tell me where I can find Linda McCartney and weight watchers products in or around Nice. Also any suggestions on where I can Vegi frozen products. Thank you

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Anyone know of a garden centre or shop that sells organic seeds to grow lettuce and herbs and suchlike? Doug

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Does anyone know where I can buy sausage skins, preferebly artificial, to make home made sausages (of course!) I live near Brignoles but am 'mobile', or could order on the net.

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hi I have a small daughter of 2 years and 9 month. Does anybody knows a restaurant in Nice or nearby where a small girl can amuse herself while her parents are eating with garden, closed, toys etc.? A place where she can not run on the street Thank you

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Can I buy buttermilk in France.Could it be the one next to the fresh milk, with all the arabic writing on it.I have some recipes that I need to try, and they all use buttermilk.JanAnything for a peaceful life

started by: Ed.Glossop · last update: 1049405065 · posted: 1049380644

As a Brit in Nice I really miss the Coffee Republic style coffee bars. Is there anywhere like this on the cote d´Azur, or must I continue to suffer? Thanks for your help Ed.

started by: Mollie-182222 · last update: 1048855914 · posted: 1048795432

Hi- Does anyone know where I can buy some cheddar cheese in Nice??? I prefer to look somewhere in the center. I am desperate for this cheese to use in a recipie for Sat., and it is never certain that Cap3000 will have it.... If you know of any shop in town, that would be great! Thanks!

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Hi all, Does anyone know a good sushi restaurant in Nice? Thanks, J-M

started by: Nicky & Paul-185522 · last update: 1047118940 · posted: 1046971241

Can anyone get Brit sausages and ship them to Corsica???????

started by: Anusha-181570 · last update: 1047042874 · posted: 1046887035

I want to set up a food trailer here in France.. does anyone know how to do this? Food licensing laws and business permits and all of that? The best anwser gets a life time supply of trailer meals!!

started by: dcameron · last update: 1046889788 · posted: 1046880656

Does anyone know where are the the best shops or markets in or around Nice to get organically grown fruit and veg? I know of a couple of 'bio' shops in the town, but their fresh produce tends to be anything but! Any ideas would be gratefully received, even if it means a bit of a drive on a Saturday morning. Cheers Doug

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