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Moved here recently from the UAE with our water cooler and can't find the 4 or 5 gallon bottles to go in it!  Prefer BPA free... Hoping someone can help please. Thanks  

started by: KAH74 · last update: 1395346567 · posted: 1393427587

Has anyone seen these in the Antibes area ?

started by: bexby · last update: 1394195616 · posted: 1392906777

Has anyone come across a mobile pig roast in the area? I really want to have one for a party at easter and it would be great if I didn't have to try and build my own spit! Thanks

started by: allysim · last update: 1393886197 · posted: 1393849230

Hi all,   I'm currently preparing to move all of my belongings over to France to start a new job.  Amongst this are a few collectors bottles of whisky that I am keeping as a long term investment.  I'm assuming I will need to declare these as part of my removals - does anyone know if there are particular forms I need to complete, and will I be subject to any tax payments when importing into France?  I don't have any UK proof of purchase but I'm pretty sure the bottles all have the UK duty paid labels on them.   Many thanks! - Alastair    

started by: HR1 · last update: 1393196353 · posted: 1392489738

Has anyone seen this cheese being sold anywhere recently?

started by: Lescypres-362869 · last update: 1392413711 · posted: 1392319696

Does anyone know where to go to alert the authorities with regards to food poisoning from a restaurNt?

started by: teen-214765 · last update: 1391815623 · posted: 1391673227

On the hunt for oranges ameres again........happy to buy or exchange for (great) marmelade, or vin d'orange! Willing to pick, or pick up. Many thanks.

started by: Riviera Voice · last update: 1391743676 · posted: 1391743676

They sell these everywhere at US and UK liquor stores, but I've no idea where to buy them in Nice.   Any info would be hugely appreciated!  Cheers

started by: michandleon · last update: 1391613957 · posted: 1391502736

Hi, looking for an Indian takeaway in Nice, but would need to pick it up at lunchtime, can anyone recommend a good takeaway that is open during the day?   Thanks

started by: tontine-186735 · last update: 1390920330 · posted: 1389813540

Hi Im looking for a seaside party venue for 60 people on April 26th, anyone have any ideas or suggestions?   Thanks Tony

started by: k1_oz · last update: 1390837395 · posted: 1385389060

Does anyone know whether its possible to buy PURE icing sugar here (sugar without the starch)? Thanks!

started by: EnglishCompany · last update: 1390637152 · posted: 1383432416

Anyone know of a good fish and chip plaice in Cannes please?

started by: KAH74 · last update: 1389197076 · posted: 1389117067

Evening, We're off to see THE HOBBIT !  anyone help me out with local insider restaurant that isnt plastic  fantastic /fake/ non touristic place for two adults to enjoy good food without the extoritionate price. Thanks  

started by: KAH74 · last update: 1389116011 · posted: 1389116011

Happy New Year, Does anyone know of a Supper Club in the Antibes / Jlp area ? Thanks  

started by: Pinman · last update: 1388913505 · posted: 1359905516

 After burning the midnight oil renovating her bijou b & b in Contes, just North of Nice, Frances Thompson is reviving her famous supper-club with a Thai feast on March 7th.  Valbonne's loss is Nice's gain !  Details on supperclub06@live.com  

started by: PanAzur2005 · last update: 1388262751 · posted: 1388241542

Hi,   I am looking for a store in (or near) Nice that sells Japanese Sushi ingredients like Nori, Sushi Rice, Wasabi  etc   and wondered if anyone had any recommendations.  Thanks for your help!  

started by: Armarie · last update: 1387776774 · posted: 1387576584

Does anyone know where I can get parsnips for Christmas?  So far I have tried SuperU Beaulieu sur Mer, Carrefour Monaco and Galeries Lafayette Cap 3000.  Thanks for any parsnip related assistance.

started by: Lescypres-362869 · last update: 1387191053 · posted: 1386230509

Is brisket called "flanchet" in our adopted country?

started by: Alia.Delahoy · last update: 1387130105 · posted: 1385855772

Hi, can someone please tell me what gammon is in French? I would like to order one for Christmas. I have done it before but can't remember what I said! Thanks Alia

started by: SGH-209817 · last update: 1386844060 · posted: 1386635935

Is there anywhere in antibes that makes fresh juices in front of you?   Thanks in advance 

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