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No doubt others are confused about travel. Having been double jabbed what tests do I need to have done before flying from Gatwick to Nice? Is an Antigen test on the day of travel good enough?

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To move 2 sofas from St Paul de Vence, to Vence 15 minutes drive! Cash payment one hour work? As soon as possible. sofa size 2 meters1/2 each long wide 1 meter.

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Hi All,The French Government has announced the introduction of a requirement to have the 'Health Pass' for access to many businesses, with Restaurants and Bars specifically mentioned. The fines and penalties for those who break the law are steep, and even higher for the business owners than the customers.I have a rental apartment in Antibes and a guest is arriving on August 1st from outside France. I'm trying to find out if the requirement to view a 'Pass Sanitaire' is also required of holiday rentals owners? If my guest does not have a Pass Sanitaire - am I to be held liable for hosting him?

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Dear all, what do you think about the Golfe Juan deviation,  ex RN7 and status of road work ? Will it be beneficial to the village or attract even more traffic?We are about to buy a house in Golfe Juan not far from the new route and the broker is of the opinion the deviation will be beneficial for Golfe Juan and the area.

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Could anyone please tell me if it is legal to carry pepper spray or mace in France and where one would buy it? I have several friends (all female) who have been mugged recently and others that are feeling a little threatened. I am sure it is just the time of year... lots of tourists and easy pickings for criminals. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! It wouldn't hurt for everyone to be a bit more vigilent too I guess! Thanks... Daisy

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Hi AI-ersQuestion : if one were to die intestate, who is next in line to inherit property ? Alternatively, would anyone be able to point me to cheapest and/or easiest way to arrange a property Will in France ?many thanks and have a great day !

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Does anyone know how to organise and buy Netflix here in France?

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Dear Readers,We are in search of a Publishing Company / or  Agent, can anyone give advice , information?Thanks in advance.

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We are planning to marry in a Catholic church, after the Marie and want to know if we need to attend a pre-marriage course and if so if there is one in English on the Riviera as our French is not quite up to scratch yet!  I am a Catholic and my partner is a Protestant, if that complicates matters!!Any advice welcome!! Yvonne

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HiI wonder if anyone has had any experience in applying for an auto-entrepreneur visa from the UK post-Brexit and if so any advice they may have. In my case I am a software consultant. 

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We are a family of 5 including 3 Teenagers looking for a house to rent long term and preferably in the Biot Valbonne or surrounding areas. We are a very clean respectful family and treat a rental property as our own . We have been renting for these past 5 years but sadly the house is for Sale . A Good Référence can be provided . 

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Please contact coconnor64@hotmail.com with any queries 

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Im hoping that there is someone out there with a sensible answer to the following.Our French friend is in the process of selling her house. Her husband died 2 yrs ago. He had 3 children by a previous marriage, 2 sons and a dahghter. Unfortunately the daughter died and left 2 childrenThey both married late in life and had no children. He was 82 when he passed away and she has just reached 80.My question is what percentage will she get under French inheritance law and what will the children of her former spouse be entitled tooToday she dropped a bomb shell saying had sold the property for less tha she was asking. She also stated that if she did not sell before her next birthday (81yrs) she would have to pay an extra €25000 to the children ( wether this to each child or in total we don't know) Is this true and can such a thing be correct

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I am looking for a handyman to repair a window frame, repair/change small piece of kitchen work top and some decorations etc. in my small flat in Nice near Masseena. Please reply to pksolomon@btconnect.com or text 00447956874712

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Konnitchiwa, any native Japanese people here? I am looking to improve my Japanese skills in exchange of French/English lessons or interpretation services.I already got the JLPT 3 because have lived in Japan, now aiming at the JLPT 2.Available any day in Nice. Dozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu. 

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Hello sir/madame im looking for a full time housekeeper position live in or live out either of the two, available anytime,cv and references can be provided by request.Thank you and best regards.

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MorningCan anyone point me in the right direction for a Painter and Decorator and general handyman in the Mandelieu area please.Thanks

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Hi everyone, Who could tell me quite quickly what does the expression "grand plan" means in english. If I ask a question to someone and he answers "grand plan !" : what does this mean ? Thx a lot for your help

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Hi everyone,My fiancé just got offered a job in Grasse and we are trying to decide where to live.  The reasons we don't want to stay in Grasse itself is 1) i've heard it's not the nicest or safest depending on where  (not sure if this is really the case), 2) i love the beach and antibes so would like to be able to go there easily 3) i most likely will be going to a sports place often in Vallauris.We both love the countryside/greenery and would prefer to stay out of the city centre of antibes where you pay $$$ for a tiny studio/apartment, but would still like easy-ish access to it (via public transport preferably). Where would you recommend between Antibes/Grasse?Thanks!

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Hello We are a family of three my husband is a New Zealand native and I am American we Have just spent three years in Australia and Have currently been in The Northern West Coast of America near Napa Valley since October 2015. We are looking to relocate back to France to raise our young son of 2 months. We are open to any and all positions available in exchange for room and board or weekly pay. Skills include40+ years of experience in all aspects of carpentry(rebuilds, new builds, furniture making etc), electrical, licensed plumber/gas technician, Skipper experience, general maintenance, grounds keeping, Child care, cleaning, daily errands, animal care, computer skills, office duties, data input, hospitality and are capable of being fast learners if there is a skill we have not listed  we are available to relocate at anytime but ideally within the next two months, please don't hesistate to contact us if you have something available further in the year.  We are honest, hard working, easy going, love enjoying life, compassionate and kind. Any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at Leon.lilly.freeman@gmail.com or by phone +1-707-396-1642. Cheers 

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