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Hi, I am looking to rent a flat/studio in Nice for my parents for 1 month (3-27 Feb 2022). If anyone has/knows of an empty flat for a short term rent please get in touch at 06 44 39 13 60 or look_diana@yahoo.com.  Thanks so much, Diana 

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It is suit and tie or would smart casual do?

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Some info or advice really. We have had a British Tesco credit card for mote thsn 20 yrs and have had no problems with them. About 2 weeks ago we received a letter stating they were terminating their services at the end of November 2021 due to the fact that we live in France and  Brexit has caused the problemWe would like to have another credit card similar to a UK one. We would like another card in France but need sime advice as to wich one or if the French even do a similar thing

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Can anyone please recommend a removal person/individual who is able to move/transport a small quantity of items from Valbonne area to Toulon, the volume would be about 5 cubic meters.If possible replies preferably via message please.Thank you.

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can anyone recommend an insurance to cover a dog boarding kennel business please? is there a specific type of insurance required to open kennels? TIA

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I am a villa manager and I need a reliable electrician who I can call on from time to time when problems arise here. There are two problems currently in need of fixing. Please get in touch.

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Greetings,  Has anyone taken the TEFL course? Where did you study? How has it been since? Have you found work teaching English, easily? I am considering this and would like to hear some experiences from people who have done it. Thanks!  

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Good afternoon,I am hoping some of the contributors may be able to help me. I am seeking internships for software development students in the Cote d'Azur region. It seems difficult to get feedback from companies when you email them via their website. I am a regular visitor to the area. If anyone has any suggestions please get in contact. Thanks in advance.

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Hi all, Have an external hard disk drive which had a little knock tonight...it worked straight after, but when I next plugged it in, I can`t access it....it comes up as a local disk F: (Whereas before it acknowledged it as a removable drive) and when you click on the f drive it freezes for a while before coming up with I/O disk error..... Is there a store that I can take it to to try and recover all the stuff on it? (inc wedding pics aggghh!) cheers!

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Anyone know of a cheap place that sells suitcases? Like a chinese imports shop or a secondhand place? Carrefort etc are too much for me! thanks for all replys

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I rent my flat for one year furnished 5 mn beaches and center town in Beaulieu sur Mer 2 beds rooms a big living room 80 sqm one terrace one balcony 2300 e + energy deposit : 3000 e direct owner no agency fees Call me for visit : 0033(0)753106701regards Myriam 

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Hello,I urgently need to return to the UK because my father has passed away.   Anyone crossing with a vehicle that would like to share the costs 7th - 10th of September?  It would be myself and my very well behaved cocker spaniel.  Thank you 

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A friend of mine is moving to the Coursegoules area in September. He has a 12 year daughter & 5 year old son. He wants to know what the schools are like for his children. What Colleges are there for his daughter-do they have a good reputation? How far do children have to travel to College? Is there a village school for his son? does it have a good reputation? His children speak fluent French & English--they have been to school in Brittany already. Any advise would be welcome. Thank you in advance Mary

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I don't know how, definitely didn't delete it, but turned on laptop and the Word programme is not there, can't see it in Programmes??? The icons gone from screen - is it hiding somewhere, any advice or suggestions very welcome. Thanks.

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Hi, Does anyone know if there is anywhere in Antibes or Juan to get tested for flights back to the Uk? Thanks in advance for any helpNic

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No doubt others are confused about travel. Having been double jabbed what tests do I need to have done before flying from Gatwick to Nice? Is an Antigen test on the day of travel good enough?

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To move 2 sofas from St Paul de Vence, to Vence 15 minutes drive! Cash payment one hour work? As soon as possible. sofa size 2 meters1/2 each long wide 1 meter.

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Hi All,The French Government has announced the introduction of a requirement to have the 'Health Pass' for access to many businesses, with Restaurants and Bars specifically mentioned. The fines and penalties for those who break the law are steep, and even higher for the business owners than the customers.I have a rental apartment in Antibes and a guest is arriving on August 1st from outside France. I'm trying to find out if the requirement to view a 'Pass Sanitaire' is also required of holiday rentals owners? If my guest does not have a Pass Sanitaire - am I to be held liable for hosting him?

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Dear all, what do you think about the Golfe Juan deviation,  ex RN7 and status of road work ? Will it be beneficial to the village or attract even more traffic?We are about to buy a house in Golfe Juan not far from the new route and the broker is of the opinion the deviation will be beneficial for Golfe Juan and the area.

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Could anyone please tell me if it is legal to carry pepper spray or mace in France and where one would buy it? I have several friends (all female) who have been mugged recently and others that are feeling a little threatened. I am sure it is just the time of year... lots of tourists and easy pickings for criminals. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! It wouldn't hurt for everyone to be a bit more vigilent too I guess! Thanks... Daisy

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