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Hello,we are due to move to France in October, and therefore we are looking for some recommendations for a removal company, to move our stuff (2 bed room flat), to France.Thank you!Philippe

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It is suit and tie or would smart casual do?

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HiI was living on Camping du Pylone, near Biot for 8 years, then lost everything in the flood, and came to Egypt.I have been trying to find out if I fly from Egypt to France, will I have to self-isolate for 14 days?I have been looking for a list of exempt countries to France, like the one the UK has, but can't find oneDoes anyone know?Thanks

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struggling a bit since lockdown to find a new role?! i have an excellent CV and would appreciate any assistance. I have a family here in Cannes and need to get back into work asap! xmjsmith1977@hotmail.co.uk

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Spacieux and bright one bedroom apartment in the centre of Menton 58 m2 with spacious living room 30 m2, large bedroom with big closet and separate nicely equipped kitchen. Sliding doors to balcony in the each room. Underground parking included in sale. Contact  me by sms or e-mail: xhomes@msn.com 

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Nice old fashioned building 50m2 2 bedrooms kitchen fully equipped good for investment to rent to the student as the university st angely is next or Airbnb business next market less charges prise 179000 euro

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Hi EveryoneDoes anyone know of a regular service than anyone provides between the UK and Antibes, as I have a crate weighing 500kgs that I want to get from Lancashire to Antibes at a reasonable cost.All assistance greatly receivedRegardsRaymond

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Here is the outline of our case.My daughter bought a villa in Menton but has nothing to do with it. A couple of months after purchase we discovered a problem with wood boring insects including termites so after seeking advice my wife went to a lawyer who launched action againstthe vendor for the sum of 50000 Euros. The vendor counter-claimed for 5000 Euros. Because of the these problems we have never used the villa as living accommodation, just our builder was using it to do various works.Our case was dismissed because the Judge ruled that the power of attorney that my wife had to act for our daughter for the purchase of the villa did not give her power to act for any subsequent action. We actually raised this point with our lawyer after the defence raised it in their initial submissions but she dismissed it. In summary, she made a fundamental error in law which cost us the case. Our lawyer also made the mistake of putting my wife's address as the address of our daughter's villa instead of her UK address.The Judge ruled that my wife should pay the vendor 3000 Euros.Our problem now is that huissiers appointed by the vendor are trying to claim not just the 3000 Euros ruled by the Court but also the 5000 Euros that the vendor initially counter claimed. More worrying, they are claiming that even though the debt is in my wife's name they have the right to auction our daughter's villa as they claim that my wife is her representative but she is not, the court ruled as such.We are willing to pay the 3000 Euros plus the huissiers fees over a 24 month installment plan provided that we are given the precise sum that is to be paid. However, the only installment plan that has been offered so far is over 4 months with an indeterminate final payment which we find unacceptable. We are concerned that after we pay the 3000 Euros they will then tell us that we need to pay a further 5000 Euros.But we need to clarify whether the huissiers have the power to auction our daughter's villa for a debt that is not in her name.The first payment to the huissiers is due on the 10th July so we would appreciate it if you could consider this with the upmost urgency.As a subsequent action we would also like advice whether we have a case against our lawyer as it was her total mishandling of the case that responsible for it being dismissed without the Judge even considering the merits of it.Any advice of what we can do would be appreciated.

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I am a UK national and have a property that I own in Valbonne which I would like to return to. I have been in UK staying with a family member . I am looking to return early June and am travelling via channel tunnel and train. Can anybody tell me what I would need to show French customs to be allowed in to the country and return to my property?

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Flat clearance needed. Old town Antibes. Double bed, bedding,  bedside tables, 2 seater sofa, chair, washing machine/dryer, (old) fridge, small tv, kettle, microwave, crockery etc.If you can clear it, you can have it all.  Judylivermore@yahoo.com

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Hello!  I am at a standstill with my weaving on my  8 shaft contremarche loom - might there be someone knowledgeable of this particular type of loom that would be willing to help me through this rough part of my learning curve?  I am a beginning weaver (contremarche only), l have done courses in Sweden, and I am trying to weave at home here in Biot.   My center of interest is rag rugs/trasmattor and I have materials and equipment.  And these two very big looms!  I can't return to Sweden this summer, and I haven't been able to get on with it alone, so if you would like to share your knowledge to help a fledgling weaver along, I am here waiting to hear from you.  And, of course, why not do some weaving on the OTHER floor loom??!!  I have two very fine contremarche looms (Glimakra 8 shaft and an Ulla Cyrus/Öxabäck 10 shaft).I would be so very happy to hear from you!  Tack så mycket!Deborah B.

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Hello We are a family of three my husband is a New Zealand native and I am American we Have just spent three years in Australia and Have currently been in The Northern West Coast of America near Napa Valley since October 2015. We are looking to relocate back to France to raise our young son of 2 months. We are open to any and all positions available in exchange for room and board or weekly pay. Skills include40+ years of experience in all aspects of carpentry(rebuilds, new builds, furniture making etc), electrical, licensed plumber/gas technician, Skipper experience, general maintenance, grounds keeping, Child care, cleaning, daily errands, animal care, computer skills, office duties, data input, hospitality and are capable of being fast learners if there is a skill we have not listed  we are available to relocate at anytime but ideally within the next two months, please don't hesistate to contact us if you have something available further in the year.  We are honest, hard working, easy going, love enjoying life, compassionate and kind. Any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at Leon.lilly.freeman@gmail.com or by phone +1-707-396-1642. Cheers 

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After spending years in the highlycompetitive wine sales industry I made a successful transition into the multifamilyluxury property management industry. 11 years into mycareer in property management around the world, I have learned how to run abusiness and found my professional passion. I have recently decided to move back home and I would love to hear about job opportunities in the property management, conciergerie, luxury services, hotel management sectors so do not hesitate to reply to this post! Many thanks in advance

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Hello,We are a nice couple and would like to rent an appartment or part of villa 2-3  rooms. Better with garage. Could be from Beaulieu to Saint-Jean de Cannes.We love nature so in could be far from sea, but with nice view or terrase or garden. Price max 1500 euros for long term rent.Please contact me 0768414135Thank you!Ugne

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Bonjour,Êtes-vous un homme ou une femme d'affaires? Il est temps de réaliser votre rêve, nous sommes une société de prêt certifiée, nous proposons un prêt à faible taux d'intérêt de 3%, pour les particuliers et les entreprises du monde entier, dans la devise de votre choix, livres, dollars, euros, etc.Faites-nous confiance dès aujourd'hui pour un prêt rapide et garantiContactez-nous parCourriel: (denniscrouchfinancecompany@gmail.com)Viber: +2349025654259Whatsapp: https: //wa.me/2349025654259

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Grammar,writing and oral practice, preparation for official exams. Teachingmethods and activities adapted to your needs.

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Hi everyone, I'm writing a short article on how the collapse of Flybe affects those of us living in France, especially those with a business that relies on low-cost flights. If you have a moment, I'd love to hear from anyone affected by the Flybe collapse (holiday makers, holiday-home owners too), as I know the impact will be far-reaching for those of us based on this side of the Channel. Thanks in advance for any contributions, much appreciated!

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If you are looking for a french tutor. Please get in touch with me. E-mail : sandydep2001@yahoo.com 

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We are a family of 5 including 3 Teenagers looking for a house to rent long term and preferably in the Biot Valbonne or surrounding areas. We are a very clean respectful family and treat a rental property as our own . We have been renting for these past 5 years but sadly the house is for Sale . A Good Référence can be provided . 

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