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Hello We are a family of three my husband is a New Zealand native and I am American we Have just spent three years in Australia and Have currently been in The Northern West Coast of America near Napa Valley since October 2015. We are looking to relocate back to France to raise our young son of 2 months. We are open to any and all positions available in exchange for room and board or weekly pay. Skills include40+ years of experience in all aspects of carpentry(rebuilds, new builds, furniture making etc), electrical, licensed plumber/gas technician, Skipper experience, general maintenance, grounds keeping, Child care, cleaning, daily errands, animal care, computer skills, office duties, data input, hospitality and are capable of being fast learners if there is a skill we have not listed  we are available to relocate at anytime but ideally within the next two months, please don't hesistate to contact us if you have something available further in the year.  We are honest, hard working, easy going, love enjoying life, compassionate and kind. Any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at Leon.lilly.freeman@gmail.com or by phone +1-707-396-1642. Cheers 

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We are a family of 5 including 3 Teenagers looking for a house to rent long term and preferably in the Biot Valbonne or surrounding areas. We are a very clean respectful family and treat a rental property as our own . We have been renting for these past 5 years but sadly the house is for Sale . A Good Référence can be provided . 

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Qualified business psychologist available for individuals (addictions, grief, unresolved trauma, relationships), groups (business performance, team coaching, engagement) and teaching

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Hi allI need to renew my UK passport which is now only online and goes through HM services. In the new application,  you can no longer send passport photos from booths. You can either take a photo yourself on a smartphone  (I have read that loads of applications are getting rejected because of this) or enter a digital photo code from places that do this.I have asked photo shops and looked at lots of booths - the only codes they do are for French drivers licences which are 22 characters long whereas the UK passport code seems to be 13 digits. Does anyone know where I can go to get these specific photos done in the Alpes maritimes?Thanks a bundle !

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HiI am looking for recommendations of companies that are able to do full apartment renovations in Nice Old Town (difficult access to both building and apartment!)Many thanks in advance for any help.Tanya

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Hello!  Any weavers out there familiar with contremarche looms?  I live in Biot (near Antibes).  I have a Glimakra Standard 120cm/10 shaft and a Ulla Cyrus 125cm/8shaft.  I started weaving in summer classes in Sweden (Stockholm, Landskrona, Uppsala) but am so far unable to weave at home because I don't know how to tie up.  I have some difficulty understanding written/verbal instructions, but hands-on works for me!  Might you be willing to help me get going?  And, of course, you would be so welcomed to come weave on these looms!!!  I haven't yet met any weavers in the area that work on this type of loom. IThanks for any response - I look forward to hearing from you.  I am at a standstill on this.  Alone, I just can't make sense of it... Best regards,Deborah B.ps FYI I speak English and French, but have Swedish documentation and a slight understanding of Swedish weaving/loom terms...

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We are looking for a knowledgable French to English interpreter for a legal meeting at a Mairie near Mougin.please contact 0626191856

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Anyone read this and interested in meeting to discuss/study/put the principles into practice??

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Hello, I'm looking for a directory I had a few years ago the "annuaire de Monaco". do anybody know where I can obtain a copy? Many thanks, Nielk

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I'm looking for a gynecologyst who can speak English, in or around Monaco. Please email me with details. Thank you.

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Hi everyone, Who could tell me quite quickly what does the expression "grand plan" means in english. If I ask a question to someone and he answers "grand plan !" : what does this mean ? Thx a lot for your help

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I am looking for someone to spend some time with me sharing English , anytime during the week , and vice versa ?I live in MONTAUROUX but anything would please me .Looking forward Christine Walther , 72 !

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Does anyone know why you can’t buy the DM in the South of France at the moment.  Thanks. Susan

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Hello,we are due to move to France in October, and therefore we are looking for some recommendations for a removal company, to move our stuff (2 bed room flat), to France.Thank you!Philippe

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It is suit and tie or would smart casual do?

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HiI was living on Camping du Pylone, near Biot for 8 years, then lost everything in the flood, and came to Egypt.I have been trying to find out if I fly from Egypt to France, will I have to self-isolate for 14 days?I have been looking for a list of exempt countries to France, like the one the UK has, but can't find oneDoes anyone know?Thanks

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struggling a bit since lockdown to find a new role?! i have an excellent CV and would appreciate any assistance. I have a family here in Cannes and need to get back into work asap! xmjsmith1977@hotmail.co.uk

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Spacieux and bright one bedroom apartment in the centre of Menton 58 m2 with spacious living room 30 m2, large bedroom with big closet and separate nicely equipped kitchen. Sliding doors to balcony in the each room. Underground parking included in sale. Contact  me by sms or e-mail: xhomes@msn.com 

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Nice old fashioned building 50m2 2 bedrooms kitchen fully equipped good for investment to rent to the student as the university st angely is next or Airbnb business next market less charges prise 179000 euro

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