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Le Cabinet d'avocats Eric ALLIGNÉ vous répond directement en ligne (English or French) à :  http://www.alligne-avocat.com

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If you are mooving or clearing your flat, I am looking for: cd's, dvd's, toys, kitchen items, cloths and tools.You can contact me: Rémy 06 67 68 77 01

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Hi Mature single man working in Monaco , I am looking to rent a room within easy commute distance to Monaco.Perfect room mate I work very long hours .

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Hi, all of you, be aware of the following :  today, I got a recorded phone call advising me that my electricity consumption was already higher than last year same period and I had to call the following number to try to solve the problem : 0899961716.  Very concerned, I called the number straight away, got a voice mail who seemed to come from the EDF company, was put on hold - but that is usual for everything...- , put the loud  speaker of my phone on and, whilst doing other things, waited... 35 min before the telephone call got cut-off!  I then decided to call my usual EDF line, did not wait as long as that, got an operator who confirmed that both my EDF readings were much lower than same period last year, so nothing to worry about.  I told her about the recorded message I received and gave her the number I gave you, she said she already heard about that number and it was nothing to do with EDF... Fortunately, I had called from my land line, but if I had called from my mobile, I would have had an extremely unpleasant surprise on my next mobile phone bill!!! I hope this helps you not to fall into it as I did! BR, N.

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I’m looking for a manager for a preschool in Monaco. With pre-school education and having experience in the field of kindergartens or elementary school. With a good command of  English, French.

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Has anyone used this company or know of them and their reputation for letting of apartments/villas in Cannes for Congresses or summer? Is there a specific organisation in France to which rental agents must belong - and which can give a profile / history of rental companies? Likewise, can anyone give the specific accreditations and insurances that such companies must hold - which can be checked on? for peace of mind . . . Thanks for any advice.

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Hello there, My husband (who is French) and I are looking to move back to the region with our 1 year old daughter in the next year or so.  We moved to Normandy for his work, but we dream of moving back to the sunshine!  Last time we lived in Antibes, but now we have become a family, we want somewhere less crowded and hectic, somewhere with a calmer atmosphere where we can bring up our daughter safely.  We are beginning research now, and I would greatly appreciate any guidance from locals as to towns or villages that may be suitable.  We obviously would like good schools nearby, and I would like to have no more than a half hour drive to the sea.  Where is the nicest town for families on the Riviera?  Thank you in advance for any advice and opinions. Jane

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Hello, I'm looking for a part-time nanny for my 2 kids, 3 hours/ day/ 5 days per week for the scholl year.Please let me know if you are interested by this Job.Alice

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I wish to find someone with a small van or car to transport several small items from Draguignan to Paris.

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We have several double glazed units that need replacing. Trying to find a glazier thar will do the job is as rare as hens teeth.We have had one guy contact us and said the law in France states that you cannot just change one damaged unit you have to replace the whole  French window.Is this just Bull Cr**p or is it factual ?

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Cercasi COPPIA di domestici, preferibilmente cuoca lei e autista lui, senza figli, referenziatissimi e disponibili per lavoro in Costa Azzurra. Alto stipendio.Email: formentor27@gmail.comTelefono: 0033695278230

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Hello,does anybody need help with their property or any other service in French riviera ? We are couple looking for job share. Various experiences. Reference and CV upon request.Thank you

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Cercasi insegnante di italiano laureato, per lezioni private di livello universitario a Monte Carlo. E' richiesto un inglese standard. 3358146854   formentor27@gmail.com

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Cercasi insegnante di italiano laureato, per lezioni private di livello universitario a Monte Carlo.E' richiesto un inglese standard.3358146854formentor27@gmail.com

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Can anyone recommend an experienced tiler who can also do a bit of plumbing for a bathroom refurbishment.  Thank you .

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Homme philippin, serieux, cherche employ de maison, plein temps: menage, repassage, chauffeur, entretient de la maison. (Filipino, serious, search job in a house, as full time: ironing, cleaning, driver, maintenance of the house)

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Hello, Hope this message finds you well. My name is Herman, I grew up in the Bahamas I have recently come to Cap-d' Ail to live with my mother's friend and am looking for a job for the months leading up to September or beyond! I do not speak French and as you can imagine this hasn't made getting a job easy, which is why I'm reaching out to the English speaking community in the hopes that someone would be able offer me a job of your consideration or maybe know someone who could, any help would be much appreciated.Some skills I can offer are a driving license, fluency in Russian, Italian and a hard work ethic. I also have a CV and would love to share it with you.Please contact me at hermanstaro8@gmail.com Thanks in advance,Herman

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