Bus strike 12 September

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Does anyone know if the 200 or 500 busses are running tomorrow? I have looked at Lignes D'Azur website but it is quite vague.

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Ferney-France 1505196126

There is no mention of that bus not running today in this article http://www.nicematin.com/greve-mouvements-sociaux/ter-tram-bus-ecoles-cantines-ce-que-vous-reserve-la-greve-de-mardi-sur-la-cote-dazur-165642

But there are no lignes d'azur  buses running in NIce it would appear. Good luck getting around today!

dakra-257889 1505236933

Thanks for your reply. As it happens events overtook me, my flight was cancelled due to the strike. I hope busses will be back to normal when I get to Nice tomorrow!

Rick W 1505241065

Did see the Double decker ' Geek Bus ' , 230 going up to Sophia today as well as the 52 , think everything will be back to normal tmrw

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