cheapest place for suitcase?

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Anyone know of a cheap place that sells suitcases? Like a chinese imports shop or a secondhand place? Carrefort etc are too much for me! thanks for all replys

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zen-193355 1078866696

There's a suitcase/bag shop at Cap 3000 (on the ground floor) which I found to be quite cheap. They always have special offers as well as the odd suitcase at reduced price, although not on display but in their back room; you will need to ask them!) and you can haggle as well...

Happy shopping!

legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 1078867000

speaking of Carrefour... can you get ANY cheaper than the baggage shop in the Galerie Marchande within the Antibes Carrefour complex?  Can't see how you would ever find a bag (even used) cheaper than the price they are asking.

Grick 1078869657

I shall have to jump in the car and have a look there, is it close to the A8? No doubt I'll find it.

Thanks to you both for your replies :-)

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