Credit cards not bank cards:-)

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Some info or advice really. We have had a British Tesco credit card for mote thsn 20 yrs and have had no problems with them. About 2 weeks ago we received a letter stating they were terminating their services at the end of November 2021 due to the fact that we live in France and  Brexit has caused the problemWe would like to have another credit card similar to a UK one. We would like another card in France but need sime advice as to wich one or if the French even do a similar thing

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Matthew -Parris-992373 1637596691

I have used  Carte Zero for years and can recommend them It is a proper credit card 

I believe Auchan and Carrefour do a card as well but how they work I do not know

blueboy2499-226319 1637649856

Hi Many thanks for your reply.Will definitely look into that

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