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Hi EveryoneDoes anyone know of a regular service than anyone provides between the UK and Antibes, as I have a crate weighing 500kgs that I want to get from Lancashire to Antibes at a reasonable cost.All assistance greatly receivedRegardsRaymond

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john-Roberts-960837 1592548662

There is a company with a depot in Biot who do regular trips to UK and back, moved some items for us a few years back, were very good, Riviera transport,

Link here

Otherwise try though they seem to have got a bit expensive.

Mary G 1592572145

I have used Riviera Transport and they are Brilliant :-)   

rorotb 1593252705

Yes I have used them a lot and they are brilliant as well as being really nice people...and efficient

Marc-Smythe-941827 1593668118

have sent a message to you - Riviera Transport are a rip off, They charge around 1500 a job more than others but are always recommended due to being the only ones offering a regular service!!! which they are not.

yasmin58 1593681921

I need to move some stuff from West London to Antibes  in September, any other recommendation of movers that regularly go between UK and Antibes.


Arnold-965114 1593683742

Hi Raymond and Yasmin,

I can probably help with my partners. All depends on dates and charges you expect.

You can get in touch by private message and we can then talk over the phone to look at solutions.

alcopop-294508 1594289529

I am looking to move my belongings from my apartment in Nice to Northern Ireland.  Can anyone recommend someone to me.  Many Thanks.

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