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Dear all, what do you think about the Golfe Juan deviation,  ex RN7 and status of road work ? Will it be beneficial to the village or attract even more traffic?We are about to buy a house in Golfe Juan not far from the new route and the broker is of the opinion the deviation will be beneficial for Golfe Juan and the area.

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hello nina ,as for for your worries for the new road in golfe juan.....i would not stress for this .I lived here for 15 years , and they been talking of this road for atleast 10 YEARS NOW and only managed to do a small part of it..! when ever this road shall be finished it will increase the traffic of course .but thats only before or after work hours,,,but it will change nothing to your day to day living here...its a small town not a lot of excitement passes by this way,its only good here for retierment ,or easy going life not much more! buy your house if like it,i imagine you still have another ten years to go before you find any stress. hope that helps sorry for the late response . ERIC

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