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A friend of mine is moving to the Coursegoules area in September. He has a 12 year daughter & 5 year old son. He wants to know what the schools are like for his children. What Colleges are there for his daughter-do they have a good reputation? How far do children have to travel to College? Is there a village school for his son? does it have a good reputation? His children speak fluent French & English--they have been to school in Brittany already. Any advise would be welcome. Thank you in advance Mary

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hello I am a French teacher, I live in a small village close to Coursegoules , so I know the area very well ,there is a very good school in the village for 5 years old( maternelle and primary school until 11 ) as for college his daughter will have to go to Vence which is the nearest town with many facilities.

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