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It seems the site is not functioning properly.  For a good long while already.  Does anyone have another one to recommend?

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Alan-Reinl-919302 1515765434

It's been out of action for a while. Sent a message over a week ago to AI reporting it, but have not heard back from them. Also called, but to no effect. Not good.

Southern Guy 1515767635

google is your friend... Please use it instead of having other people do it for you.


ESS-517035 1515776667

Hmm.... not good enough AngloINFO - either keep this up to date, or stop providing the service!    Once we all start going to another site for this information, you will see the traffic to your site drop.... it is/was a well loved service!

belamica-188434 1515858279

Thanks for your suggestion, Southern Guy.  The site of choice for Engl. lang. films and schedules is now c/o Riviera Radio. BTW, found out VOST means "voix original, sous-titres" (in case you're wondering).   AI can just pack up and disappear as far as I'm concerned. What a shame.  It used to be a great site, but since "new management" took over a year or so ago, it's been downhill ALL THE WAY.  Too bad for all of us who visited/used it.

crumblies 1515926714

That’s almost right, belamica. VOST means Version Originale Sous-Titrée.

Kind regards

Mrs Crumbly who also relies on Allociné 

Teresa Palmano 1516013054

Just called them...the website is being updated, so why don't they say that on the movie site? they changed it about 18 months ago and it is now dreadful let's see what they come up with next time! total waste of money and they never respond to emails...

belamica-188434 1516016962

Tks Mrs Crumbly for putting it right!  Seems the "new owners" of AI have no idea of how to treat their readers, a bit of info would be VERY helpful,exactly as T Palmano says. Being rude and uninformative just doesn't cut it.  BTW how long does an update on a website take??!!  I just wonder why all the changes were made in the first place?  Wonder of AI ever heard of "if it ain't broke don't fix it". 

Well, on to allociné for movie info...

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