Entering France during coronavirus

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I am a UK national and have a property that I own in Valbonne which I would like to return to. I have been in UK staying with a family member . I am looking to return early June and am travelling via channel tunnel and train. Can anybody tell me what I would need to show French customs to be allowed in to the country and return to my property?

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Hello, frankly I believe the date you have indicated is too far in advance to anticipate any definate form of information given current circumstances particularly the situation evolving in the UK surrounding the attempted suppresion of the pandemic. I suggest you could consult the UK gouvernement website concerning International travel and border controls, also the French equivalent and an informative French orientated English language journal on the following links. Cdlt.


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France will NOT impose a quarantine period on people, of any nationality, coming into France from a country within the EU, Schengen zone or the United Kingdom, the Elysée announced this evening (May 3). 


I would advise you to travel by car !   Safer and no face mask needed while IN the car. Stay overnight in a tiny hotel with few staff.


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Any travelling throughout France is susceptible to frequent checks by Police/Military at any given time and place,I can vouch from personal experience that if you were not to possess the correct documentation and reason you run a large risk of being fined at least, personally even with the correct documentation I was subjected to further questioning by the agent for the motif of being outside of my confinement residence, the authorities do not mess around and quite rightly so given the current situation.
There is a document which appears to comply with your situation you described if you were to be planning to travel in the very imminent future however the information is changing on a daily basis,naturally the document is in French as is the Gouvernement.fr website below,click on the link and scroll down to > Les mesures prises par le gouvernement > Voyage > Pour vos Voyages.



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At the moment, you can enter France if your principal home is located in France - you need to fill in some paper work to this effect.

I think you would be expected to have demonstrate a French tax declaration, for example, in case of doubt whether this French address is your principal home.

But what the rules are in June no one can say. Perhaps stricter, perhaps more relaxed.

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This was my experience of returning to France via Heathrow two weeks ago.

Vlog about returning to France

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Any update on the entry into France status? We expected a French government statement yesterday, June 8, but have not seen anything. We have been in Switzerland for the last few months, but would like to get back to our Maison secondaire in Cote d'Azur.

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According to most links on the internet the France-Suisse border has reopened as from the 15th June , hope this may assist you.


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I vlogged again about this subject today.  Vlog about entering France

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Just for information.

We drove from Switzerland to Cote d'Azur Tuesday 16th, via Grand St Bernard - Ventimiglia, and no one, borderguard, customs or police, were interested in us. Did not have to show any passport or papers - back to the "good old days", I wish!!

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