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Im hoping that there is someone out there with a sensible answer to the following.Our French friend is in the process of selling her house. Her husband died 2 yrs ago. He had 3 children by a previous marriage, 2 sons and a dahghter. Unfortunately the daughter died and left 2 childrenThey both married late in life and had no children. He was 82 when he passed away and she has just reached 80.My question is what percentage will she get under French inheritance law and what will the children of her former spouse be entitled tooToday she dropped a bomb shell saying had sold the property for less tha she was asking. She also stated that if she did not sell before her next birthday (81yrs) she would have to pay an extra €25000 to the children ( wether this to each child or in total we don't know) Is this true and can such a thing be correct

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No simple answer. It depends on what type of marriage contract they had; what was written in the house deeds for the provence of the funds to buy the house and whether there was a clause "tontine"; and whether he made a will. She needs a Notaire to sort it out.

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Thanks for that. I know he made a will. I will speak to her and see what her status is regarding the 'tontine' issue

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