Help! Hard disk drive not being recognised!

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Hi all, Have an external hard disk drive which had a little knock worked straight after, but when I next plugged it in, I can`t access comes up as a local disk F: (Whereas before it acknowledged it as a removable drive) and when you click on the f drive it freezes for a while before coming up with I/O disk error..... Is there a store that I can take it to to try and recover all the stuff on it? (inc wedding pics aggghh!) cheers!

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stuart06-195098 1271543632

You could try taking the drive out of its 'box' and connect it as a slave drive on another PC if you have any compatible equipment around.
How much of a 'little knock' did it receive?
Any noises coming from the drive?
Does the drive appear under disk management,depending if you are using microsoft stuff?

kahuna_burger 1271544312

ok no strange noises, the disk itself is only really in a thin metal can take the top off to see the isnt making too much of a strange noise...knock was a small drop from a coffee table

same problem on another lap top...freezes up when you open my computer

how do you check under disk mgmt on microsoft?

kahuna_burger 1271544792

appears under device manager, under disk drives says its a generic external USB device, which is apparently "working properly"....

kahuna_burger 1271545099

OK so it says drive F is healthy, with 232gb capacity , and 232gb free space (100%) its a 250 gb drive however.....think I could have used up about 18gb.....

kahuna_burger 1271545395

oh, and I cant explore it through this menu either.......nightmare....

stuart06-195098 1271545396

Can you open the drive in dsk mngmnt and see the contents?

This looks ominous if you have data alredy stored on the drive > "with 232gb capacity , and 232gb free space (100%)"

kahuna_burger 1271545531

yep looks ominous....please tell me there are people out there who can recover disk drives!

stuart06-195098 1271545791

Personally I would disconnect the drive and don't use it until you can let someone with knowledge of these situations take a look at it.

xkiwi 1271546364

You may have some luck using a data recovery tool - or there is always the old tip of putting the hard drive in the freezer. is a good source of advice - see here or for more information and options. From my own experience, I had a 'clunking' external hard disk that was unreadable with normal Windows software but I did manage to recover my data using a specialist tool (TestDisk) which is freeware.

Or take your hard disk into a computer support shop.

Good luck!

ChristopherL-188542 1271557515

As per Stuart's advice, you need to be exttremely careful in such situations. Often you have a limited time before a partially damaged drive will fail completely (either through follow-on physical degradation or through the disk's own bad sector labeling safeguard mechanism). Windows Disk Management is a pretty powerful tool to have a quick look but it also offers the possibility of Inititialisation on damaged disks (no - this is not the same thing as Format operation) and you must avoid that option. My advice is to stop connecting it via your computer and have it looked at by a data recovery specialist.

Browley24 1271621745

I can help you that knock it had probably allowed the drive heads touch the drive so the drive now will need to be recovered before it crashes completely i can do this for you but there is no guarantee what data you will get back of the drive you must not try using the drive because you will wipe over the data on it you must not format the drive if you call me i can explain better my number is 06 58 12 85 68

kahuna_burger 1271779963

thanks for all your comments guys.....Luckily a friend of mine used "file scavenger" to get most of my files back...I now have a new hard drive, and swear never to move it or touch it again!

cheers all

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