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Does anyone know how to organise and buy Netflix here in France?

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robbie1400 1421943026

First you need to set up an account. Here in France you go to and set up for the monthly payment option - you can cancel at any time.

Then you can watch it wherever you like:

- on a smart TV which has the NetFlix app installed

- on a tablet or smartphone

- on a laptop

We use appleTV to stream it onto our TV.

If you have a VPN set up you can switch between countries to get the best selection but the French one is pretty good as it stands.



job-212223 1421947122

Hi Robbie

Thanks for all that info. Just a question though, if you set up the french Netflix does that mean all the films are in french?? Sorry to sound stupid!



lapierre-499129 1421949401

Why don't you go for IPTV?? They have all the films as well as sports and live TV

We get ours from (based in France) just as cheap as netflix but more for your money


sunnywithachance 1421957047

Hi Jo,

French Netflix has shows in French and in English. If you have a VPN or SmartDNS, which cost between $2-5 per month, you can "fool" Netflix into thinking you are in the US or UK and have access to their much larger content selection.

Personally, I have a Chromecast, Roku and various laptops & iPad which the family uses to watch Netflix US. You can set up different profiles so the kid shows don't affect the suggestions on your profiles.

I'm sure you know but to watch Netflix you need an Internet-connected TV, a media player such as Apple TV/Roku/etc or a cable to connect your computer to your TV.


robbie1400 1422001277

As Sunnywithachance says, with a VPN, you can fool Netflix into thinking you are anywhere in the world and the content you receive will change accordingly. However most of the content on the French site is in English. We found that 90% of what we used to watch on UK NetFlix is available on the French version in English.

Also, if you register in one country, you can sign in another which is useful if you spend some time here and some time abroad.

job-212223 1422004220

Thanks a lot for everyones input, very kind. No I didn't know it was through the Internet which might present problems for us as we are with Free and our internet connection is awful, something to do with the distance between the mast and our house. It regularly cuts on and off throughout the day!!

I'll start looking into it with all the info that everyone has provided!

thank you

sunnywithachance 1422121443


I have the same problem with internet connection due to the house being far from the distribution box. At best I get 2 MBps but Netflix runs well. I would suggest to try it out and see how it goes. 

Good luck

lapierre-499129 1422264031

Using a DnS or VPN is being blocked by Netflix even if you have a subscription. This is the same as SKY blocking subscribers who are outside of their broadcast licence area.

Just be aware and don't waste your money.

sunnywithachance 1422265202

I have been using US Netflix for the last 1.5 years and have never had a problem accessing the site. Don't let the TorrentFreak article scare you, Netflix intends to grow it's non-US business massively which means it's not going to turn away France-based users. 

I just saw "The Interview" last night, the movie that caused the North Koreans to jump out of their socks. It was a surprisingly enjoyable goofy movie. Aside from movies there are some fantastic TV series and LOTS for the kids.

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