Nice travel agents, why so useless?

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Is it just me, but whenever i go shopping for a plane ticket, its always no, complet, fini, laziness, disinterest, ineffectual, ignorance.  There is always a solution to be found, always, and yet these agents (say 90%) are happy to see a potential customer walk out frustrated.  Ive never been to a place yet, besides Nice, where its actually easier and cheaper to visit the airline offices themselves (at the airport) to buy a ticket. Have these agents forgotten that they are not gate-keepers in any sense and just agents, middlemen who make money by their efforts?

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I don't use travel agents anymore and heartily recommend you do the same. You can buy plane tickets much easier on the internet, with no hassle, and usually cheaper than you would get them from the travel agent. Seeing the flight details of all airlines in front of you rather than having the travel agent tell of them on the phone is another plus.

Check out for budget airlines operating in Europe.

For all other airlines, there is



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Your comments about travel agents could apply to just about any 'service' industry in the retail sector.

The travel agent is competing against many others, all selling the same products at, broadly speaking, the same price.  As passengers tend, justifiably, to shop around,  the agent knows that his chance of converting the enquiry is slim, he doesn't put much effort into making a sale or ascertainng the customers needs.  This creates a self-fulfilling prophecy!

There are good travel agents around, but they are few and far between, and the majority are merely order fulfillers, and not very good ones at that.  In fairness,  they are mostly poorly trained and poorly paid, and unable, due to the poor training,  to make full use of the very sophisticated technology they have available to them. 

In the UK, and many other countries,  travel agencies earn only 1% commission (nil in some cases) on the sale of many airline tickets,  which means they should be more proactive in selling other services.

A good travel agent is far better able to serve the customer's needs than the Internet.  It is because there are so few good travel agents that Internet travel agencies are doing so well.


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try Voyages Seemore, 11 Rue de Congrès,06000 Nice. Tel:0493881007

very helpful,good prices too!

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also very good website to get cheap flights

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Another argument in favour of travel agencies.  A German airline, Aero Lloyd, today announced that it has declared insolvency and is suspending operations :

"......passengers who had booked flights through travel agencies would be re-booked onto other airlines, the spokesman said, while those who had bought tickets directly from Aero Lloyd would have to make their own alternative arrangements ........"

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