pre-marriage course necessray?

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We are planning to marry in a Catholic church, after the Marie and want to know if we need to attend a pre-marriage course and if so if there is one in English on the Riviera as our French is not quite up to scratch yet!  I am a Catholic and my partner is a Protestant, if that complicates matters!!Any advice welcome!! Yvonne

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James Morgan 1081859716

Hi Yvonne,

I am not sure what the local church rules are here but I would advise that a pre marriage course is absolutely necessary for the two of you.  I think I know a church that does this.  If you want me to find out let me know.



Zeynep-183200 1081868415

No pre-marital course necessary.

The ceremony in the church is a "celebration of marriage" - i.e. you do not actually get married in the church in France but, after a civil marriage at the Mairie, you can "celebrate" your marriage in the church.

You would not need to attend a pre-marriage course even if one of you were Muslim.


Yvo-192378 1082925258

Hi Just a note to say thank you so much for the reply about the pre-marriage course......Im relieved and grateful to you for going to the trouble of replying, Yvo


Crystal Balls-184435 1083013572


Difficult to see what a priest can teach you about mariage.

All the best for the future


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