Renovation of apartment in Nice Old Town - recommendations

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HiI am looking for recommendations of companies that are able to do full apartment renovations in Nice Old Town (difficult access to both building and apartment!)Many thanks in advance for any help.Tanya

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Amazzon 1601544571

Dear Tanya-Hall

Maybe we can help you with your project: 

we're a construction/renewal company, and we're dealing with everything. We have done restructuring in Nice, and we know it is difficult to access. We can come and see the surgery site if you want.

Project management, design, building permits, budget management and construction experience with Italian and local teams.  

Over 40 years of experience in construction and renovation in Italy, Africa, France and Monaco.

Italian Concept sarl

2, Rue du Gabian, bur. n. 03 - étg 8 
98000 MONACO
Telephone +377
Portable +33 (6)


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